She Wanted a Tummy Tuck, We Did One Better

“I really want a tummy tuck, but my husband won’t let me.” I sat across the table from my new client as she excitedly described how all of her sisters have had plastic surgery and she’s been pining for a certain procedure. “My husband says, ‘I don’t want to loose my wife!’”—she laughs thinking about it. Like all fantastic husbands, he wants his wife to be happy and feel confident in herself…but the thought of surgery going wrong and loosing her, it’s just a risk he doesn’t want to take.

When a person decides to work with a stylist, there’s usually a change approaching, or some big push to (finally) put himself/herself first. It could be a new job or a promotion—you want to look and be perceived a certain way. Or maybe, like the woman mentioned above, you’ve been waiting to treat yourself. (For some, that’s a pedicure, others a new wardrobe or trip; life’s all about perspective, right?)

As we chatted, I was entertained by her story and very bluntly said that what she wanted to accomplish with a tummy tuck, we definitely could achieve through clothes. Really! (Husband, don’t worry, I’ve got this!)

Instead of yo-yoing around with your weight or bouncing from procedure to procedure, know that what you put on (clothes & makeup) can do all kinds of wonders for making…your midsection smaller, your nose narrower and so on.

Here’s a peek inside one of our dressing rooms.


Tips: The paneling on this shirt masks the tummy while bringing attention to her whole self (not just one area). The material is light and the length—an inch or so past her hip—is juuust right! The flower print is soft and not overbearing, which allows us to pair it with a bold/decoratively designed cardigan. Leave the cardigan open. The necklace is her own; remember we’re trying things on here. But it works. With so much pattern, you want everything else to be subdued. Add dark slim cut denim and the proportions work out well.


Tips: Yes, peplum is/was a trend, but the shape is actually quite classic. The stripes are narrow (read: slimming) and the diagonal cut is exactly where we want it. The jacket is shorter which allows her to show off her legs! To avoid major cleavage, always pair a v-neck with a scoop neck. This pretty lady is 5’2. When she wants to appear a bit taller, push up those sleeves, or wear 3/4″ length tops. This also lets her show off meaningful bracelets. By the way, she’s doing the ‘red carpet pose.’ This was once taught to me by a photographer; it’s what celebrities learn to appear their slimmest—paparazzi!

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Courtesy of DRESS LP.

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