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It’s mid-January and my boots have officially been shelved and flip flops are the only thing you’ll be seeing me wearing. If  ”Fit Flops” worn with socks aren’t your thing then I have several suggestions to help lighten your load. (Colorful stripes and bright patterned socks are the look for spring. Check out these fun new socks.) There are very few activities that effectively de-clutter my life, for example: a cleansing sweat from an energetic workout or yoga practice, cleaning out closets, and adjusting my eating habits are a sure cure from the heaviness of winter. 

Now that my feet have been freed, I’m ready to jump into my favorite catharsis – Spring Cleaning!  This detox clears my head, exercises my body and burns up calories. Heavy cleaning and closet organizing requires balance, strength and flexibility. Hence, a full body workout. Spring Cleaning is energizing and can be extremely productive.

In addition, it scares the crap out my husband. He gets very nervous this time of year as I ceremoniously start tossing and bagging up “STUFF”, for garbage pick-up and the local shelters and donation centers. His irrational thinking gets the best of him as he worries there will be nothing left but the dogs when he returns from work. I can’t say that I wouldn’t love a completely empty clean house.

Imagine the joy of  sweeping, washing,  mopping, and vacuuming. But, my preferred house cleaning activities include; emptying of closets and drawers, jumping on and off the step stool, while filling bags and boxes with unneeded stuff, schlepping them to the garage or into the back of your car – a great workout indeed! Another favorite of mine…rearranging the furniture, emptying and reloading the refrigerator and pantry.  The fatigue from “Domestic Detox” can be physically exhausting but I guarantee, you will feel lighter, brighter and cleansed, when all is said and done.

Tried of Winter? Bring it on – Spring Cleaning! Here is a clean plan of attack:

There are several small things you can do that can go a long way to brighten up your heart and your home after a long winter, and hopefully these tips will help to motivate you!

Start small.  Give your cleaning person the week off  because you have just hired you! Remember, you don’t have to conquer the world in one day, or clean your home entirely. (I do, but you don’t!) Make a list of what you’d like to accomplish, then plan for an hour or two a day to work on one of the items on your list…( this would be practical).  Of course, if you’re at all like me you’ll no doubt enter into a whirlwind of household purging at 7:00 am Monday and finish the job sometime on Wednesday. Spick-and– Span, you’re ready for spring!

Wash the floor mats to get rid of the grime from winter boots and the spills they’ve been collecting. It doesn’t take long but it makes a big difference. Consider replacing your heavy winter mats with a  brighter, lighter look.  (I wash my floors mats every week!) Check the wash water to see just how much dirt those mats have been harboring, if you really care.

Grab a pail and wash the kitchen floor and then do some spot cleaning of the walls to get rid of hand and paw prints or smudges. Avoid toxic chemicals by switching to lighter and safer, natural cleaning products.

Pick an evening and clean the mirrors in your home. It won’t take long, but your mirrors will be shining when you’re done. Don’t forget to also clean the tv’s and computer screens.

Wash the windows in the kitchen so you can see the buds coming out on the trees when you’re cooking. Then continue to the living room windows if you have the time.

Pick a closet to sort through, toss out and box up. Reorganize what’s left.  If you finish before you expect, you now have some bonus time!!!

Nourish yourself ladies. Clean out the fridge and get rid of anything no longer edible, old and boring. Wiping down the shelves as you go with baking soda and water. Then take pleasure in filling it with your  favorite seasonal fresh nutritious foods!  Substitute coffee and hot chocolate with this: make a pitcher of water with lemon and orange slices and place it smack in the center of your refrigerator, where it’s visible and easy to grab. Hydrate and detox often throughout the day!

Try waking up and starting your day with warm lemon water and a hint of salt to stimulate elimination – before your coffee.  You will be amazed at how well you feel.

Wake-Up 15 minutes earlier and set your alarm if necessary. Take this coveted time to breathe and stretch. Sit quietly or meditate for 5 minutes, followed by 5 sun salutations to get your mind and body flowing gracefully for the day. For many, this may prove to be the greatest challenge, but the rewards are priceless.

Retire the heavier soups, stews and chili for lighter fresh vegetable soups.

Want to spend some time outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air? Grab a hose and an extendable squeegee and wash the windows outside. If your feeling particularly ambitious – take on the garage! This one definitely amps up my husbands blood pressure. Oh well, I will joyfully finish what I have started!

Refresh your wood furniture and cupboards with lemon oil furniture polish or other natural wood cleaning product. You’ll get rid of some dust and enliven the look of your furniture.

Wash the blankets and throws on your bed and in the rest of your home. Add a half a cup of vinegar to the water. Not only will the colours be brighter, but they will smell fresher, especially if you’re planning to hang them up outside to dry. (Yes, some of us still hang a clothesline.) Consider replacing your heavy comforter with a lighter weight blanket.

Place a pretty green plant on your nightstand or a vase of cut flowers and be sure to change the water daily. There are many houseplants that are easy to grow this time of year and will also help to purify the air.

Vacuum everywhere, (replace your vacuum bag and filter first), including under the furniture and in the corners… getting rid of the dust collecting in the carpet will not only make your home look cleaner, it will also improve your health by getting rid of dust mites and who knows what else is buried in your carpet.

I think you get the idea… 

Make your early spring cleaning and detox an enjoyable challenge not a dreaded chore. Every time you finish something on your list or try something new, acknowledge your courage and strength. Take pride in crossing off things on your to-do list.  Now for the most important part……reward yourself for a job well done and relax with a freshly brewed cup of your favorite herbal tea or warm lemon infused water. Enjoy a long hot bath in your newly scrubbed tub with your favorite bath salts or try an epsom salt bath to calm your emotions and heal your wounds. Or, simply kick up your feet and watch a movie. Everything in moderation, including cleaning and detoxing.

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