Absolute Freedom: Get Present to Your Being in 2013

NYEBigBallGet Present to Your Being in 2013

As we celebrate the beginning of this New Year in a new decade, I am reminded that freedom is available to us because of extraordinary courage and work. Although I am very grateful for this country, the freedom that I am discussing in this article has nothing to do with being born in the land of the free.  I would like to pose the possibility of having freedom regardless of your external environment or where you live.  Total freedom, is that which only comes from within.

Many wars have been waged in the name of freedom; freedom of land, religion, marriage, a women’s right to choose. Many people have been imprisoned for unjust causes and many times wars go on forever and innocent people do not get justice. So then what? Do we live a life of ‘woe is me’ or do we make conscious choices to get out of our emotional and mental prison?

How many of us have waged wars inside our own heads? Once the battle is waged it usually doesn’t matter what the truth is about a situation. Frequently, the chatter wins. “Why did I say that, it sounded so stupid” or “what was I thinking?” Many times the chatter in the mind isn’t positive. So how do we stop the internal war and find peace and freedom within our own selves?

The greatest prisons we encounter in life are created in our own head. The times that I am totally free have nothing to do with where my physical body is, although it can contribute, but is when I am free from the constant chatter in my mind. When we are in an unpleasant situation our mind will try to remove us and many times our mind takes us to places that we do not want to be. Our Yoga practice teaches us to calm the thinking mind and become aware of when our mind has taken us out of the moment.

Can you get present to the fact that you have created your life as it is right now, either by choices or lack thereof? Freedom comes from making the right choices over and over again. It is not easy and it is a lot of work and yes we will make a total mess out of certain situations- but then what? Can you release it and move on and make an intention to do better next time? This is the process of growth. We can’t grow unless we accept where we are and be ok with it. What power it is to know that we have the freedom to choose, because when we take accountability for this we know we can choose what we really need to be happy and free.

Baron Baptiste warns, “your mind will take you out!” so when your mind begins to take you out, change your thought! Create something better for yourself. Your mind will take you out of your life. Through yoga we learn to feel what we are feeling, feel your feet beneath you, hear your breath, feel your heart and get present to where you are at in this very moment. Get present to your being- to how much gratitude and freedom is within your being, just waiting for you to accept it as yours.

In truth and freedom to soar higher than you thought possible,

Wishing you a Happy New Year in 2013

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