Joyful January: Your Yoga Practice is the Ultimate in Resolutions

Happy New Year to our beloved friends and yogis!

As I was perusing the prior years’ newsletters for inspiration this day, Dec 31st, 2012, I felt that last year’s message is definitely worth repeating. The message remains the same, our gratitude for your support expands! As we enter this wonderful new year with happy anticipation of the continuing expansion and evolution of our world and of our beings, we encourage you to join us in keeping our focus, attention, and awareness on what we want; our “intention” for our world our loved ones and our own physical bodies.

According to quantum physics, intent is a force in the biosphere — the web of life on Planet Earth.This means we must learn to shift the attention away from what is — the “truth”, the reality — and toward our desire, creating a new truth for ourselves. This is the most effective way to begin to make those resolutions, those changes that we desire physically, locally and globally a reality.


Not only does it address the top health issues (lose weight, increase strength, reduce stress, increase flexibility and balance, reduce back pain, to name only a few) but it improves and strengthens every system in the body. Congratulations! You are on the ultimate path of wellness. The vanguard of perfect health!

Put a positive spin on the New Year by setting intentions instead of resolutions. As motivating as goals, more forgiving than resolutions, and more conscious than hopes, they help you envision your highest potential and align your daily decisions. Take action today to jot down several of your best intentions for the coming year.

We begin this year as we ended it… centered in love and gratitude (this is the meaning of our logo), for all that we have and all that we are. Grateful that we have the good fortune and ability to share the ancient practices of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation to all who care to learn. Grateful for your continued support and participation as this wonderful mystery of life unfolds.

Many of you know that we are students of the Art of Allowing, finding inspiration in the teachings of Abraham through Esther Hicks. In a past issue of motivational prose, we found this most wonderful piece that we have adopted as our credo (I occasionally read it during Savasana.) We have passed it on before, but feel it is worth a repeat. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Recipe for Joy:

Seek Joy first and foremost.

Seek reasons to laugh.

Seek reasons to offer words of praise to self and others.

Seek beauty in nature, beasts and other humans.

Seek reasons to love in every segment of every day.

Look for something that brings forth within you a feeling of love.

Seek that which uplifts you.

Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts another.

Seek a feeling of well-being.

Know that your value can only be measured in terms of Joy.

Acknowledge your absolute freedom to do any of these things

Or not to do them,

For it is without exception your choice in every minute of every day.

~ Abraham

Courtesy of: Joyful Yoga, Bonita Springs Florida

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  1. Allison, so very touching..I have always loved the above Abraham passage. I love their message…it always lifts me up. My daughter and I actually went on an Abraham Cruise a couple of years ago! Highly recommend it!!
    Thanks as always for your inspiration!


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