My Resolutions for the New Year

new-years-resolutionsI don’t typically come up with New Year’s Resolutions but yesterday as I undecorated our Christmas team, I had a dose of nostalgia followed by a wave of excitement for 2013. So what the heck, I’m throwing caution to the wind and here is my list of resolutions for 2013!

1. To talk more about peace and love.

2. To lead HAVEN to a historic moment, breaking ground for a new facility.

3. To effectively challenge the HAVEN team as we work together to create a “new” HAVEN.

4. To watch my usage of passive language and to challenge those who use harmful language.

5. To enjoy moments small and large.

6. To listen more and talk less.

7. To spend more time with people who are at least 30 years younger and at least 30 years older than me.

8. To be healthier in a holistic sense on 12-31-13 than I am on 12-31-12.

9. To keep my desk a bit cleaner- just a bit!

An exciting year lies ahead. I am choosing to think less about the fiscal cliff and more about how I as an individual and HAVEN as an organization can chart the course for a more positive future. I am choosing to see January 1st as a blank slate that is waiting for me to help fill in the color.

Join us on this journey for a colorful and exceptional year! Start by sharing your resolutions for 2013, how will you make a positive impact?


Beth Morrison

Courtesy of HAVEN.

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  1. Beth; these are great resolutions and your total dedication to Haven is incredibly awesome! I am on the East coast, but if I were in your state, I would be applying for a job with Haven; dedication to this great cause is needed everywhere. I think we all need a healthy dose of ‘listening more.’ Have you ever noticed that people truly no longer listen? It is an important skill and needed practice; we never know what we can learn if we just take the time.

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