No Regrets

no-regrets“Don’t let the past steal your present.” – Teri Guillemets

It is that time again. New Year’s Eve. Celebrations. Toasts. Midnight Kisses. Tinsel.

And….New Year’s Resolutions!

Many of us look back at the old year with regrets. We berate ourselves for the people we didn’t reach out to, the trips we didn’t take, the habits we didn’t change, the exercise program we didn’t stick to, the weight we gained, the tempers lost, the lies told, the bad choices made.

We say to ourselves:

If only I would have _____.

If only I would not have ______.

Regret can make us feel sad, ashamed, angry and discouraged. And it seems the more we dwell on the regrets the more helpless we feel.

Maybe instead of beating ourselves up about what we did or did not do we could choose to see our regrets as a compass guiding us to the best in ourselves.

So for everything we regret we can ask a simple question: “What is this telling me about what I really want?” The deeper our awareness of what we want the more we can show up in the world.

If I look back and wish I would have spent more time with my children, I brainstorm how I could make that happen. If I regret that I am not as fit as I would want to be I find ways to make sure I exercise on a regular basis. If I regret not being there for the less fortunate, I take stock of how I can help in my community or the world.

When we become more conscious, we awaken. When we awaken we make decisions that serve us and the world around us. We remember as my friend Zeenat Merchant Syal so wisely said, “Regret is our core values nudging to be heard—and heeded.”


Every regret is showing me what I really want.

I choose to let go of the past and live in the now.

I am responsible for myself and my life.

I let go of what I cannot change.

I change what I can.

I achieve my goals with ease.

Every day is a joyous adventure.

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Brenda Strausz is a holistic therapist with a practice in the Metro Detroit area. She specializes in women’s issues, anxiety and stress reduction. She combines traditional and alternative modalities to help her clients lead a life of peace, joy and freedom. She can be reached through her website, her e-mail or her facebook page Open to Joy.

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