Mantras To Manage The Holidays

Sanskrit is arguably the root of all language. The primordial sounds that make up all words are very basic yet powerful tools that can be used to create a rhythmic relationship with the vibrations of the universe. This is called “entrainment.” The science of Mantra (or mind vehicle or instrument), the repetition of sacred sounds, silently, whispered or chanting, having meaning or meaningless, says that every sound is able to affect the chemistry of the body and mind and alter thought patterns. It is a very powerful technique that has a very distinct and definite effect on our energies. Our senses become more acute and our minds become sharper and more perceptive as the jumble of unnecessary dialogue clears away, creating coherence in the brain. It has the ability to alter reality, including our physicality. With that intellectual information, we offer you these two Mantras:

Mantra for Energy

Om Ojo Vatyei Namaha (ohm oh-joh vaht-ye-ah nah-mah-hah)

Salutations to Her who is full of limitless energy and makes it

available to me.

Chanting this mantra puts you in touch with the limitless energy of the supreme feminine. (Great to begin or end a silent meditation)

Mantra to celebrate Winter Solstice

Lokah Samasta Sukino Bavantu (lo-kah sa-mastah suki-noh ba-vantoo)

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Click this link for two powerful healing mantra meditations. They were used in one of  Spirit Voyages 40 Day Global Sadhanas earlier in the year to Expand Your Intuition.   The music is so beautiful that simply listening will bring you peace and understanding.  I play these mantras and others often. Enjoy, Love Allison

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