Get Pinning for Clever, Heartfelt and Inexpensive Gifts This Year

To me, there is nothing like receiving a gift where someone put a lot of thought and effort into it. Instead of wandering into the nearest Target and picking up a gift set of different shower gels, isn’t it better when someone takes the time to make you something beautiful? I’m not saying buying gifts don’t require thought and effort but how about saving some money this year and making something from your heart for your loved ones? The best part of this? Your new favorite website, Pinterest, can help you!

Pinterest is amazing for finding crafts and gift ideas you may have never even thought about! Everyone knows the classic “cookies in a jar” or “no sew blanket” gifts. How about trying something different this year that your friends and family will rave about and be amazed when you tell them you did it yourself? They won’t even have to know how cheap it will be because it will appear expensive and beautiful! Here are some ideas from my Pinterest boards. Let me know which ones you try out!


A beautiful, modern looking bracelet made from inexpensive string and bolts!


Customizable coffee mugs for your coffee guzzling best friend!


A beautiful and different scrapbook for the love of your life.


Pick an oversized shirt and turn it into a chic workout tank!


Create amazing paintings for someone’s wall using old SHOEBOXES!


DIY coffee cozies – how adorable!

For more ideas, check out Lauren’s Pinterest Boards! If you would like an invite to join Pinterest, comment here with your email address and we’ll hook you up!

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