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olive-leaf-extractOlive Leaf Extract is my favorite immune system booster. Why? Because its safe, effective and a wonderful alternative to having to take an antibiotic. Olive leaf extract comes in capsule and liquid “tincture” forms. It strengthens your immune system big time, similar to Echinacea, but much better.

Scientific research has shown that the active ingredient in olive leaf extract, called “Oleuropein” has powerful healing qualities that fight bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites that cause infection and disease. It was used for thousands of years by the Egyptians as a natural antibiotic. Also, back in 1855, medical reports detail the drinking of a tea brewed with olive leaves as being effective against Malaria. Research at the Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company found that the active ingredients of elenol acid and calcium elenolate, inhibited the growth of every virus, bacteria, fungi and protozoa they were tested against.

In addition, there are benefits of olive leaf extract with the cardiovascular system too. It helps lower cholesterol and benefit the arteries due to its powerful antioxidant properties.

How To Use and Dosage Amounts

From the list below, decide how many mg. of oleuropein is required per day for your purpose. These values have been found empirically (by trial and error).


Health Maintenance: 25mg per day divided into 1-2 doses

Disease Prevention: 75mg per day divided into 3 doses

Acute Illness: 180mg per day divided into 4-5 doses

12 yrs-adult

Health Maintenance: 12.5mg per day divided into 1-2 doses

Disease Prevention: 38mg per day divided into 3 doses

Acute Illness: 90mg per day divided into 4-5 doses


Health Maintenance: 7mg per day divided into 1-2 doses

Disease Prevention: 18mg per day divided into 3 doses

Acute Illness: 40mg per day divided into 4-5 doses


Health Maintenance: 5mg per day divided into 1-2 doses

Prevention: 12mg per day divided into 3 doses

Acute: 25mg per day divided into 5 doses

Under 2 years

Consult your health care professional.

Step 2.

Tinctures only.

Calculate how many drops this is equivalent to in the product purchased. (Must only be olive leaf extract, not a combination of herbs).

Proceed to step 3.

Capsules and powder – For adults, add 20% to 30% to the oleuropein requirement due to reduced absorption.

For children, do not add the extra.

Calculate how many capsules are required to supply this amount of oleuropein.

Proceed to step 3.

Step 3.

Divide this total dose up into 1 to 5 doses per day according to the list.

Step 4

Check that this falls within the manufacturer’s recommended range.


For example:

Step 1.

You need 75mg oleuropein per day according to the list.

You are an adult and have bought olive leaf capsules, each containing 35mg of oleuropein.

Step 2.

Capsules, add 25% to the required dose (due to lower capsule absorption).

This gives you 75mg+18.75mg = 93.75mg approx. needed per day.

Your capsules contain 35mg oleuropein each, so you need 93.75mg divided by 35mg = 2.68 capsules per day. Round this up to 3 capsules per day.

Step 3.

From the list, ideally you need 3 doses per day so take 1 capsule 3 times a day.

Step 4.

Finally, double check that this is within the dosage given on the container.

These basic olive leaf extract dosages may be adjusted if necessary taking into account the eight factors below.

1. Safety first

Olive leaf extract has been shown to lower high blood pressure, regulate blood sugar levels and prevent blood platelets from sticking together. While this is good news for the average person, it may add to the effect of high blood pressure medication (bringing it too low), alter required insulin dosage in diabetics and increase the effect of blood thinners such as Warfarin. Anyone using medication for any of these conditions should consult their doctor before dosing with olive leaf extract. People who typically have low blood pressure should first try small doses (about half a maintenance dosage for your age) to check if it has any lowering effect on their blood pressure causing for example a feeling of dizziness when standing up suddenly. If no effect is noticed, build up to the recommended dosage over a few days.

Pregnant or breast-feeding?

It is not advisable to take olive leaf extract when pregnant or breast-feeding. It may cause you to detox heavily, lower blood pressure etc. and this is definitely an issue to be discussed with your qualified health care professional.

There have been no animal or human tests conducted to demonstrate safety or otherwise during pregnancy.

Not All Olive Leaf Extract products are created equal in quality and purity

Because not all olive leaf extracts are the same, different cultivars having different constituents and amounts of constituents during different seasons, and because like any other herb these components interact with our bodies in a complex and individual way, different products may not have the same effect on everyone.

Some benefits will only be experienced by using a sufficiently strong dosage of an olive leaf extract product which has all the constituents necessary for the desired effect.

For this reason, the benefits of a particular brand depend on the quality of the product itself. The benefits of a highly concentrated, good quality product will differ widely from those of a weak product made from the cheapest leaves available.

A product standardized in terms of one particular ingredient may be deficient in other ingredients which are collectively responsible for some of the properties of olive leaf extract.

The best solution is to buy a good quality product by making sure the capsule has on the label at least 20% oleuropein. Start with a low dosage of olive leaf extract to gauge the effect on you and then increase until you have the desired effect.

4. Acute or chronic illness

If you are accustomed to it, you can immediately go to the maximum dose of olive leaf extract when you feel you are coming down with a viral or other infection.

If you have a chronic or long-term illness, or have never taken olive leaf extract before, it is best to start on a low dosage and build up to the recommended dose over a few days or weeks as you feel comfortable.

The same dosage can be used for all kinds of infections, up to the maximum recommended dose. In some cases, Herxheimers reaction may determine the rate you increase olive leaf extract dosage.

5. Age

Most manufacturers show olive leaf extract dosages for children from 2 years of age upwards.

Tinctures are sometimes administered from age 1 year up.

The manufacturer’s stated 1-year-old dosage should be about the 2-year-old dose in the guidelines above reduced by 30%.

The tendency is to give very young children too much because it “looks so little”.

Rather go by the manufacturer’s recommendations, not the looks.

For adults, the older you are the higher the olive leaf extract dosage generally needed to have the same effect as on a younger person with a healthy immune system.

6. Weight

In general, a large-framed person will need more than a smaller-framed person. If you are substantially above average weight and size build up to a higher olive leaf extract dosage.

An elderly person who is very small should start on a small adult dose and slowly increase until the desired effect is achieved.

The same applies to children.

If dosages are given in a range, for example 5-10 drops for children aged 6-10, give a 6-year old 5 drops, or a 10-year old 10 drops.

Don’t start the 6-year-old on 10 drops.

Likewise don’t give your 13-year old son the maximum adult dose because he is over 12. Roughly gauge where your child should be in the age range according to age and weight.

As already mentioned, olive leaf extract is a forgiving herb and too much will not likely cause any harm but use common sense to avoid wastage and also ensure a big enough dose to make a difference. Too much too soon can cause too much stress on the system.

7. Health

As already mentioned, a sickly person or one with chronic illnesses should start off on a low dosage. You may end up taking a relatively large olive leaf extract dosage to finally eradicate the illness but start slowly and give your body time to recover.

8. Duration

For how long should I take olive leaf extract?

This depends on why you are taking it.

a.) Children should not be given olive leaf extract permanently like a vitamin tonic as they need to build up their own immune systems.

They should be given it when they are sick (if olive leaf extract is appropriate), when sickness is doing the rounds at school, for a few days in preparation for exams when under stress and perhaps before and during winter when colds and flu are around. It is also a good idea to dose children before a school outing to museums and when using public transport if they are not used to it.

Other than that, a healthy diet and exercise should keep them in good shape.

After a winter season of taking olive leaf extract, it is a good idea to give the family a course of good probiotics to ensure a healthy, balanced digestive system.

b.) Adults with chronic conditions can take olive leaf extract indefinitely if appropriate to the ailment or if a long term treatment is required. For example, some people take olive leaf extract every day to keep sinus infections under control.

It would be well for such people to eat fermented foods or take probiotics regularly to ensure a healthy digestive tract. (Yogurt is not sufficient).

For a bad dose of candida albicans or thrush, olive leaf extract dosage should be part of a planned treatment which tapers off as the correct flora are rebuilt in the gut and vaginal tract and healthy foods and habits take over from damaging ones.

c.) For acute illnesses in adults or children, continue with a lower olive leaf extract dosage for at least a week after you are feeling better. The tendency is to forget to take it when you feel better because you don’t realize that it is still destroying pathogens. You will soon find out what it was doing if you stop too soon, and the second time it often takes longer to subdue the illness.

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