Messages Of Love – Be A Voter Today!

Most of all…be grateful

Voting today has absolutely no connection to this article. On second thought, perhaps it has everything to do with the post you will be reading in a moment.

That being said…this is good stuff no matter who you are; republican, democrat, independent,  religious, spiritual, cynic, yogi, meditator – or not!  As long as we are on this earth together, love shall remain the quintessential essence of our true selves.

In light of the organized mass media frenzy  surrounding the election which has assaulted our hearts, minds and souls for months now, I’m grateful to be a free American citizen. Free to voice my opinions and exercise my right to vote. I will be overflowing with gratitude when it’s all over. Go vote!

My husband will never speak, let alone think like Ashanas husband, James. (Keep reading, you will get it in less than a minute) He doesn’t need too. Have a great day all you lovers of love!  Allison ~

I’m finally living my way into loving myself enough so that when I say “I love you”, I mean it with every cell in my body. I remember in my younger years, I passed out “I love you’s” like candy and didn’t yet love myself enough to understand what that word really meant. But it is marvelous to watch myself live my way into a knowing and a deep understanding of how interconnected we are on the most basic of levels; how we are all worthy and full of light, no matter how hard we might hide it.

I love you. I can feel it all the way to my bones. The question now is, can you feel it, too? ~ Ramdesh

“Keep up and you will be kept up.” ~Yogi Bhajan

Messages of Love from Ashana

Sat Nam Dear Ones!

Last night and into this morning, I watched myself replay an old pattern. I felt insecure, reactive and afraid. I watched myself wanting to visit all the familiar places that these types of emotion trigger … separation, judgment, fear. I felt my chest tighten, my body contract and my mind become rigid.  My amazing husband, James, looked at me with his loving eyes and asked: “Have you connected with your Higher Self? Are you opening the channel to your light? You’ve got all these tools; are you using them?”

Needless to say, I did NOT want to hear that. I was cruising my way to a pity party and I was getting ready to shift into high gear for a ride. Ummmmmm …. Well …… hmmmm….. maybe not. Finally, after awhile, I got tired of it and decided to take his advice and make a different choice. Thank you God!!!!

We are at the forefront of a new consciousness of love and acceptance. We are blazing new trails for an entirely new way of living and being. We are collectively learning how to connect and live in alignment with our Higher Self, our Light, our Destiny and our Path.

There are going to be days when it feels totally easy! Brilliant! Right as Right Can Be! And there will be days when it feels impossibly difficult and despite every yoga class and mantra you have ever chanted you still want to dive straight in and roll around in the drama.


Connect in with your Atma, your Higher Self.

Receive consciously the love that is around you, wherever you may be.

Most of all … be grateful.  Be grateful. Take a moment and breathe a breath of gratitude for the amazing life you get to live … the gifts you’ve been given … and the gift you are.

What else is there to do today?

I love you.


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