Get Up And Move! No Matter What!

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” Carole Welch

(This post was written a year and a half ago, at a time when I was feeling low and unsure of myself. But there was a sense that my spirit was rising again, following a long period of what felt like spiritual, general blahhhhh…..Wherever you’ve been, wherever you are in your life at this moment; know that a brighter light shines ahead of you!) With love and light, Allison

A Brighter Lighter You!

Good morning everyone. Are you awake? Are you alive? If so, get up. It’s a good day! As far as I’m concerned, in some small way, everyday that you wake-up is a great day! Time to turn up your engine and get your sweet self moving and energized for this day!

Perhaps you’re tired of hearing my mantra; move, workout, energize your body, mind and spirit, ignite your metabolism and so on.  Maybe you’re thinking…of course she thinks everyday one wakes up, it’s a great day – a gift. Doesn’t everyone who gets clobbered with a cancer diagnosis or some traumatic life altering event ultimately feel this way? Don’t we all feel gratitude for the days and life we are given? My response: I really don’t know. I can’t speak for others. What I do acknowledge is that my attitude, my mantra, my inherent, often obnoxious and exhausting cheerleading approach to life, my “do it, just try” no matter how you feel about anything, will never change. Never! This is who I am. And I believe I was put on this earth in part to support, encourage, to passionately and compassionately annoy others to exercise for their life. The day I stop doing this – I’m done!

Moving on… (always moving)

We all know that we’d be healthier, happier and sharper if we exercised regularly. But despite our deepest desires and best intentions, it doesn’t always happen.

The federal government suggests getting at least two-and-a-half hours of exercise a week. To the average couch lover though, a Herculean task.

Now for the latest fabulous news: a new study suggests that you don’t have to work out that much to gain health benefits. Even small amounts of physical activity  say, half the government’s recommendation are enough to improve heart health. ( I’m not terribly impressed) To read more about the study joyfully click here. If improved heart health and possible reduced cancer risk with only 15 minutes of movement a day is what you’re after than this study graces you with a pass. Of course, fifteen minutes a day of walking is always better than no walking or movement. But, if you want more from your body, mind, and soal and your relationships – just life in general, you will have to move more, breathe more and love more. Period!

P. S. Hey, I don’t want to get out of bed everyday, especially of late. Like the past six months late. An occasional even regular day of bed rest has it’s perks. Some days I awaken only to get on with my day so I can get back in my beloved bed. Yikes! My body often hurts like hell – some parts more than others on different days. My spirit, energy and passion is not where I’d like it to be. I haven’t written a single post for my own website in five months. Nonetheless, I have remained positive. I’m enormously grateful to my intern, Lauren, and all of the wonderfully talented writers who contribute to, keeping our loyal readers interested and inspired. Without them…well who wants to think about that? I’m not depressed. I’ve just been living with less energy – a lower version of myself. I know the difference.  Perhaps today marks the subtle emergence of  my renewed spirit? I sure hope so. I will gracefully let go of the darkness and heaviness as I welcome the brightness and light – one glorious day at a time.  It feels good to write again.

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  1. Welcome back, Allison, and honestly, you have been my champion, my role model and my inspiration, and this was even before I read your “journey.’ I became inspired with your ‘purpose for starting Askinyourface.’ I can relate to husband issues and auto immune diseases, and so many other things you shared, and as a result of your beautiful courage and candor and the wonderful ladies who write from the heart about yoga, and animal kindness, Haven, and offer scrumptious recipes, I have returned to daily yoga; I have begun to lift weights ( gotta get your lovely arms) and I have tried so very hard to be a ‘conscious observer.’ I have tried to look beyond misery and obligatory things and just be happy in the moment ( emphasis on the words ‘have tried’).
    I send you peace and serenity and welcome your re-entry into the light. Shanti, Peace, Shalom

    • I’m speechless Shen – that’s all I can say. YOU are an exceptional woman – don’t ever stoping “trying”. I’m convinced that “trying” gives us life! We all love you! xoxoxo

  2. Love you Ally, your voice is always in your writing! =)

  3. dear allison, being with you yesterday and reading your article is just what i needed you are so inspiring to me as well as to so many other people. please continue with your writing it definitly was missed. lol lois

  4. Dear Allison; I remember reading this, and since I have been part of your wonderful web site, I need to say that you are definitely my hero in so many ways.

  5. Missed all that inspiration,wow how encouraging

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