What Service Means to Me

Moses-Baraza-WesekaI did not choose to be born in the ghetto, but I choose to work hard to help others.

When I help others it gives me opportunity to grow through others’ happiness. In our community where we live there are so many people together and when we help they feel happy. People see my success and that hard work brings opportunity.

Having faith means believing that something good is going to happen even if I cannot see it; I know it will happen. When I was 16, I dropped out of school because I didn’t have money to pay for school and my parents were fighting every day. I felt like it was the end of my life and I would never find a good job or a good life. I thought I was destined to live the same life as my parents. I was asking myself “Why me? Why was I born?”

When I lived this way I was not living in service of others. I was judging myself and thought people were talking about me. I was very uncomfortable walking around my community. I was self absorbed, fearful and doubting myself. I was not in service of others because I was only thinking about me. Even when I was giving, I was not giving from the heart. I wanted what others had, was stuck in myself and not looking out. I was not really seeing others. They were a reflection of what I did not have.

I remember the first day I attended an Africa Yoga Project workshop. It was the first time I felt a confidence in myself. I felt confident and wanted to share my experience. When I shared how I was judging myself, others came to me to tell me they could relate to me and they had felt the same way. I went home and thought about my experience and how I was special and how my community sees me as strong and good. I stopped punishing myself. Now I feel that I am special and I can do anything.

For me, what it means to give is to make someone happy and to give support. When I give to others, I am also left feeling happy. When I give, it is from the heart. I don’t expect anything in return; it is for the other person.

I heard somewhere that the hand that feeds is the hand that receives. When I help others I am also helping myself. I have been helped by my friends and community and now it is time for me to give and help others. I am grateful to the Africa Yoga Project for giving me the opportunity to serve. This is yoga.

By Moses “Baraza” Weseka -Africa Yoga Project Teacher

Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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