Kick Your Asana For Sculpted Buns And Thighs!

booty-workoutLooking for an extra special, power packed workout for the holiday weekend or anytime of the year? No “butts” about it, this is it!

My high intensity interval training workout is a client favorite. A powerful combination of plyometrics, strength training and cardio is the answer for strong sculpted buns and thighs, while burning excess fat!

For two weeks, do the workout once a week, then increase to twice a week. Start with 30 second intervals for each exercise the first week, increase your intervals to 45 seconds the second week and 60 second intervals 3 times a week by the third week. Do this workout on the driveway in the gym or in the kitchen. Just do it!

What you’ll need:

Timer, step or bench, dumb bells, jump rope, great attitude!

Butt Kickers: 1 minute

Run in place as fast as you can! Heels to your butt and pump your arms!

1×16 deep plies or sumo squats  (Note:Squats are one of the best exercises you can do for your hips, butt and thighs and they’re also a functional exercise, helping us build strength for a variety of daily activities.)

1×16 stationery lunges holding dumb bells at your side…do both sides!

1×16 jump up and switch lunges…land softly!

1 minute recovery rest…walk around!

1 minute fast jump roping (skip, boxer shuffle, double jumps or single jumps)

1×16 traditional front lunges with dumbbells at your shoulders

1×16 single leg squats with dumbells…do both sides…use a bench or step! Turn your back to the bench and place the ball of your foot on the bench. The other foot is on the floor in front of you! Check the alignment of your front leg and be sure your knee does not move ahead of the toes while lunging!

1×16 jump ‘n’ tucks: Bend down into a tuck with your fingertips on the floor. Explode and jump up as high as you can. Reach your arms over your head. Land softly in your tucked position and jump back to a plank position or top of a pushup. Jump back to your starting tucked position and repeat 16 times. YES, I said 16 times!

1 minute recovery rest! Ahhh! walk around again…

Jumping jacks for 1 minute

1×16 step ups with dumbells at shoulders: do both sides…all 16 on one side first!

1×16 jump squats! Squat low and jump high!

1×16 over the top bench jumps!

You are done, great job -awesome workout! Cool down and stretch. Try this quick yoga stretch for a perfect start and finish to your workout! Love, Allison

“Keep up and you will be kept up” Yogi Bahjan

With love, Allison

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  1. I tried, but have to be careful with my knees; didn’t do all, but it is high intensity.

    • Yes Shen, this is a high intensity workout but keep in mind (as I’m sure you always do) that the exercises can be and should be modified to your fitness ability and needs. Good for you for trying! xo Allison

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