Even Our MHS Cruelty Investigators Were Shocked – Meet Sweet Julie!

JulieAs accustomed as they are to the difficult sights they see every day, our investigators were still shocked at the condition Julie was in when she first came to MHS. She had been abandoned in Ecorse and kept confined for weeks without any food and with minimal water.

When a kind passerby found this sweet 5-year-old American Bulldog mix and brought her to the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care, the situation was dire. Julie was suffering from one of the worst cases of emaciation we have seen in sometime.

Every bone on her body was visible. In fact, it was amazing that she was even walking. Upon seeing Julie, one MHS staff member remarked that if it had taken a day longer for Julie to come to MHS, she very likely wouldn’t have survived.

But Julie is a fighter. She’s beaten the odds already, and she’s determined to do it again.

Her recovery has been slow and painful. Even after three weeks of regular meals (and of course, lots of TLC), Julie was still far too skinny to be placed for adoption.

Today, she is recovering in foster care with one of MHS’ In-Home Heroes, with hopes that she’ll one day be well enough to be placed for adoption and find the loving home she so deserves.

Julie still has a long way to go before she finds her happy ending. You can help Julie and other suffering animals like her right now.

Join us and thousands of adopters, volunteers, and other supporters for a fun morning at the 2012 Mega March for Animals.

Take a minute to sign up online now and receive a free collapsible pet bowl, compliments of Purina One, at the Check-In tent on October 7!

Your participation will help us provide shelter, nourishing meals and veterinary care to Julie and other animals like her, help keep our cruelty and rescue teams out on the road, and help thousands of wonderful animals find their forever homes.

The 7th annual Mega March for Animals, taking place at Hart Plaza and, for the first time at Kensington Metropark, is the largest walk for animals in Michigan!

We also have some exciting things planned for this year’s March, including:

Sign up online now and receive a free collapsible pet bowl, compliments of Purina One, at the Check-In tent on October 7!

Make an online self-donation of $156 (enough to save the life of one animal) or more and we’ll name an animal in our care in your honor!

Raise $1,500 or more and you’ll be part of the MHS Best Friends Club!

If you have any questions about this year’s Mega March for Animals, please contact us at megamarch@michiganhumane.org or 1-866-MHUMANE (648-6263), ext. 149.

Together, we’ll change animal lives from Homeless to Loved!

Thank you!

Courtesy of The Michigan Humane Society.

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  1. Oh, Allison; My heart bleeds! We have this problem here, too; severe animal cruelty. How wonderful Julie survived, but what awful torment she suffered.

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