Nope, They’re Not Always Green

golden-kiwiFruit is all the more sweet in the summer – it’s such a refreshing foil to hot, sunny days. (Although I must admit that today is pleasantly overcast and not so hot. I can hear my garden sighing in relief.) And bright-colored fruit makes summer days even more festive. In fact, doesn’t this golden kiwi look like a miniature sun? I got excited when I spotted it in the Weird Fruit Section – that’s my name for that part of the store, not an official name – of my local produce market. The WFS is my favorite display to check out since exotic-looking fruit never fails to fascinate me. Makes for an even more interesting experience when the exotic fruit in question is related to another fruit I’ve already had – then I get to compare varieties.

Standard green kiwis are great, but you know what? The golden variety is even more delicious! It’s sweetener and seems to ripen more quickly, plus it has a much thinner and non-hairy skin that’s far easier to peel. (Oddly enough, the golden kiwi skins are tougher despite being thinner, so you probably don’t want to eat them.) I used a vegetable peeler to quickly trim away the skin; it’s so peel-able that you won’t snag any bits of the sweet inside. Much less wasteful than using a paring knife, too.

Look for blemish-free golden kiwis with smooth skin that are still fairly firm to the touch. You can blend them into smoothies, chop them into fruit salsas, even puree them and use as a topping for ice cream (or include them in your homemade ice cream!). My favorite way to enjoy golden kiwis, though, is to peel them and simply cut them into slices. They’re so sunny and pretty on a plate that it seems like a shame not to give them the undivided attention they deserve.


Courtesy of The Cultured Cook.

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