Looking Ahead With Lauren: Handling Stress

stressed-outWe all handle stress differently. Some people crumble under press and others thrive. I think I am somewhere in between. On the outside, I can handle stress pretty well. Yet, like everyone, at times I have my moments. The other day I broke down and cried, screamed in my pillow and well… basically, freaked out. It isn’t easy to admit that, but I think we all need to admit sometimes stress gets the best of us.

Stress can be a monster. It grows and grows with different responsibilities, family pressure, drama with friends or relationships and the list could go on and on. Sometimes work is your main stressor and sometimes it is relationships. If you’re (un)lucky, it can come all at once.

So how do you deal?

First of all, don’t be afraid to freak out. I’m not saying flip out at your co-workers or angrily yell or hit ANYONE, but I mean freak out in private. Go in your car and scream. Have a five minute crying pity party. Let it all out. Sometimes you just need to flip out a little to feel better.

Remember to breathe. Sometimes you are going to be in a place where you can’t freak out, but you’re feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that whatever it is, will pass. Nothing is the end of the world.

Take the time to exercise. No matter how busy you are, take time to exercise. Exercise is a great stress reliever. If you’re feeling extra upset, try a workout such as kick boxing that will help you get out your aggression.

Talk it out. Hopefully you have someone in your life that is a great listener and a good friend. It could be your mom, your best friend or your significant other. Talk through your stress with someone. Sometimes it just helps to let it out. It may not solve your stress but just talking about it can help you feel better.

How do you deal with stress?

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