Kundalini Yoga To Help Get It Together

Juggling-balls“Get it together!” is something we all tell ourselves every now and then. Sometimes life throws a lot at us, and it can become stressful to try to juggle everything we’ve been handed. The mind can become unfocussed, and our emotions can start to run wild. When you can’t seem to figure out how to get it together, Kundalini yoga can be a life saver. There are many incredible sets and meditations you can use to refocus and regroup, more than could be listed here. But to help you get started, here are a few great kriyas and meditations to help you get it together and keep it together.

Yoga sets:

The set Gurmukh teaches in the DVD Kundalini Yoga: Healthy Body Fearless Spirit is a fantastic one when you need to get it together and get moving. It starts with 24 minutes of shaking your body as if there is an earthquake inside of you, which is a great opportunity to free yourself of whatever thoughts or concerns are occupying your mind. The entire kriya is full of powerful asanas that will tune your nervous system and help you to feel strong. You can also find this set in the yoga manual I Am A Woman.

Kundalini Yoga: Healthy Body Fearless Spirit

I Am A Woman Yoga Manual

Another great set is “Unloading the Subconscious” in Transformation Vol. 1. This is good to do when you are feeling unbalanced, but don’t necessarily consciously know why. It also gives you the opportunity to forgive yourself of anything you may be holding onto that needs to be let go.

Transformation Vol. 1


One great meditation to help you get it together is “Meditation for a Calm Mind and Strong Nerves” in Transformation Vol. 2. It is said that this meditation will “help protect you from irrationality” – something that is very helpful when you’re feeling unbalanced and ungrounded.

If you want to practice this meditation, sit with a straight spine. Women will hold the left hand at shoulder level, with the thumb and ring fingertips touching. The right hand will rest in the lap, with thumb and pinkie fingertips touching. Men will reverse the hand position. With eyes 1/10 open, breath deeply and slowly, with a relaxed and rhythmic breath. You can practice this meditation anywhere from 11-31 minutes. When finished, raise the hands and shake them out for several minutes.

Transformation Vol. 2

You can also practice a meditation in the manual Relax and Renew called “Sunia(n) Antar” to help balance your emotions. Prior to practicing the meditation, one should drink a glass of water. To do the meditation, sit in Easy Pose, cross the arms over the chest and lock the open hands under the armpits. Scrunch your shoulders up to your ears, apply neck lock, and close the eyes. Your breath will automatically begin to slow. To start, practice for 3 minutes and build up to 11 minutes.

This meditation is said to help balance the breath rate and the water in the body, and is very useful when one feels unfocussed and uncertain of what to do.

Relax and Renew


Mantra is a great way to help you get it together. When you mind is scattered, chanting a mantra will give it something to focus on and change your energy. “Jai Te Gang” is a powerful shabad for cutting through negativity, and Gurunam Singh’s version is particularly energizing. You can also listen to it while doing an energetic kriya to keep a good rhythm.

Silent Moonlight Meditation

“Bhaja Man Mere” is another mantra that you can use to center your mind. The words mean “Oh my mind, meditate on God’s Name. God’s Name is Sat Nam (Truth).” When you need a little help pulling it together, GuruGanesha Singh’s amazing, upbeat version of this mantra on Kundalini Surjhee is just what the doctor ordered. Nirinjan Kaur has a beautiful version of this mantra on her newest album Prem Siri, which will take your mind deep into meditation.

Kundalini Surjhee

Prem Siri

Courtesy of Spirit Voyage.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this; I am going to start these Kundalini Yoga Meditations. I guess a good place to start is with the DVD’s .


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