Mr. Fifty Shades Anyone? Guys: How To Get Noticed At Night

No one will ever know the true identity of Christian Grey, (Mr. fabulous Fifty Shades of Grey) or Gideon Cross (Mr. even more good looking – if possible, Bared To You). If I had to pick either one of them out in a crowd, I would be looking for the guy that Lena was eyeing in the restaurant.  I don’t care who the hollywood big-wigs anoint to play the role of Christian Grey in the highly anticipated, Fifty Shades of Grey, due to slam theaters this fall. There isn’t a guy in the celebrity magazines (probably on the planet for that matter) that will ever measure up to the man that lives in my mind. Seriously, I wish they would just leave my fantasy alone. Yes, I said that. I loved the books! They were the most fun I have had reading in ages. And, I have much more to say about the books (try not to spontaneously combust) but you will have to wait until next week for the juicy details…With love and lust, Allison

The following article was written by our very own, Lena Piskorowski. Pay attention!

Yesterday I was having dinner with a few friends and a gorgeous couple was seated next to us. Seriously, this guy was so good looking–kinda couldn’t help (repeatedly?) glancing in his direction. He was wearing a navy linen blazer, light blue dress shirt, I believe dark denim and…couldn’t really see the shoes, but I know he didn’t mess that up either. He had a bit of scruff and longer hair–similar to this season’s Zegna campaign, though more masculine. There was nothing out-of-the ordinary with his dress, and maybe that’s what kept my attention.

I hear this all the time, a guy wants to stand out (in a crowd, apart from his buddies) but you need to have a healthy edit of how crazy you get with the patterns and accessories and slimness of your clothes. While not to be confused with boring, classics really do make the man. Take for example, the ensemble listed above. At the moment, I’m being drawn towards solid dress shirts. I’ve had fun dressing men in checks and plaids of all colors and scale, but now when asked, I promote the solid dress shirt–egyptian cotton, blend or linen, doesn’t matter– its simplicity is attractive and allows attention to be given to a watch, bracelets…most importantly, your face.

Summer is always the time to bring out/get creative with color. It’s also ideal for those of you who despise ironing! Not matter where you live, linen will work. It’s breathable, light and gives off that ‘I’m not uptight and know how to have fun’ vibe. Since by nature this material shows wrinkles, try wearing linen in a darker shade for a blazer (navy) or with pockets (Animas style) on a shirt, to detract from the wrinkles.

I also want to mention fit. As you know that’s part of how I make a living and is so important in what you own! Just because we’re talking about light-weight material, that doesn’t translate into sloppy. For a large population of men, they are buying clothes that are too big (not just in linen). For the men who’s task is the opposite, finding clothes that are tall enough or wide enough, I suggest High and Mighty large size clothing. Just like the name says, they’ve proved to be an excellent resource for big and tall sizing…I’m talking blazers available in 60″ chest. (that’s difficult to find in most off-the-rack retailers).

So there you go. Look sharp! Have fun! Be comfortable!…and maybe you’ll get noticed when out to dinner.

Courtesy of DRESS LP.

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  1. oooooh; a double post, I can tell. Allison, I have heard this novel is quite the rage, and frankly, all I can tell you from what I know is that it is considered erotica? It certainly sounds as of you LOVED it, too, and in plural, does that mean there is more than one novel? Now my interest is PIQUED.

    Lena, I quite agree with you; quiet and seemingly causually thrown together with a devil-may-care attitude, but essentially an understatement of exciting elegance in style. HMMMMM—-move over, Allison.

    • Shen – I just love your comments! You always give me pause to think and this morning – laugh! Yes, Fifty Shades is a trilogy. If you can manage the frequent monotony of steamy, erotic sex scenes, and often ridiculous, materialistic lifestyle antics – you’ll enjoy the books. I’m a sucker for romance and love stories and I love a great fantasy. What can I say? I would pay to read your review of the books. xo Allison

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