Getting Re-Motivated

stay-motivatedWell, after my yoga buddy moved in March and my yoga package ended, I just kind of stopped going. I also pretty much stopped working out on a regular basis.

It is now June. How time flies. Weeks become months and I get very used to sitting around watching TV instead of working out. Or letting my work schedule stress me out so I feel like I don’t have the time.

So last week I had a surge of motivation. After months of trying to decide which yoga studio I would go to, I finally decided to buy a package at a local studio I liked. Of course I wanted a yoga buddy to help motivate me to go, I knew that if the studio wasn’t close, I wouldn’t want to go either. I also knew I had to find a time each week to go to class where I couldn’t bail. It works out that there is a yoga class on Mondays at noon with a teacher I like. I go to the chiropractor every Monday around the same time that is just down the street from the yoga studio. What excuse do I have if I’m already right there?

I was also excited for June because I have been wanting to go back to Zumba for a while, but the lady I know who teaches didn’t have any class times that worked for me. Luckily, she added a few class times for June when I can go! I even enlisted a friend to come with me, so I am definitely excited to go again!

I also bought a Groupon for a studio not too far that teaches Zumba, yoga and other classes that I need to find time to check out. Very excited!

How do you keep yourself motivated?

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  1. Lauren! Your posts are motivational! I self-motivate when my body and inner focus are out of whack; and because that’s rather frequent, I try to keep myself in the ‘zone.’ How is Zumba!!!?

    • Thank you Shen! I haven’t been able to make it to Zumba yet unfortunately. I was going to go yesterday but the class was cancelled. What kind of exercise are you doing lately? :)

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