Coming Back to Simplicity

bala-vinyasa-yogaThe theme for this week of the 40 Days To Personal Revolution program I am facilitating in Miami is “Restoration.” In putting this into to practice, it awakened me, once again, to how essential it is to give up what I must to create space for restoration. This inquiry brought to light where I am adding more stuff into my life that I don’t need to.

I constantly feel the need to be plugged into my emails, to be on the phone, checking the business online, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – all of which are important to run a business, especially when I am traveling, but can lead to crazy-making busyness. Every moment of the day seemed to be spent connecting to somewhere outside of myself. Even when driving, I was either listening to music, a book on CD, or talking on the phone. I realized that I am complicating my life much more than it needs to be and the result has me feeling tired and on edge.

The practice of yoga is about being connected to our inner selves and letting go of the busy making in our heads and external lives. Yoga gives us access to remove the accumulation of mental, emotional and physical debris. Restoration revives us to our natural lightness and energy, but to do that we have to be committed to give up things in our lives that we think we must have or do.

Many of us are so accustomed or even addicted to reaching outside of ourselves to relax or we habitually try to run away from what we are experiencing in our bodies or thinking in our heads. We attempt to escape from ourselves, but in reality there is nowhere to go outside of ourselves. As Baron Baptiste says, “the way out is in.” Constantly going outside of ourselves is what is exhausting us. True restoration is about simplicity and taking time to go within.

The three practices of Baptiste Yoga are Yoga, Meditation and Inquiry. When practiced, these tools give us access to go within, to be in our body and to simply experience what we are experiencing; not complicating it, analyzing, criticizing or judging it, just simply being in the moment. Although seemingly challenging to do in times like this, these tools are essential to our well-being and they are so simple!

With all that we have available to us to plug into most any second of everyday, these practices allow us to come back to the power and peace within. Be curious to the possibility of letting go of or reducing your external plugins and come back to simplicity. In the simplicity, you will be restored!

With love and gratitude,


Courtesy of Bala Vinyasa Yoga.

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  1. Kiersten, “with love and gratitude,” thank you.l I live a chaotic existence of ‘busyness,’ and I need to go back to basics, too.

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