A Man’s Wardrobe Essential – Buy Him One For Father’s Day!

ryan-gosling-white-shirt3 clues:

1. I can be worn to any occasion

2. Some people think I’m boring

3. I eventually turn a different color


A white dress shirt

Next, what animal am I? I live in the rainforest…

Kidding! If you grew up taking family road trips, you no doubt relate to that (often painful) game.

Spring is here and while my client inspiration boards are filling up with summer fashion that I’m anxious to see come to life, I don’t want to dismiss the importance of a man’s white dress shirts–yes, let’s make that plural and strive to own two. Why? See clues #1 & #3.

I’m not lying when I say you can wear this to EVERY occasion and it’ll be appropriate. Isn’t that cool and very easy for you to remember? A wedding, your wedding, a funeral, your funeral, to important work meetings, to unimportant work days, to lunch with…a friend, a potential business partner, a date, your girlfriend’s parents, an art gallery event, a barbecue, a baseball game…

It’s so basic (and colorless) that some tend to forget how important it is to own. (You’d rather opt for the fun, limited, colorful shirts that you can rock out in Vegas this summer…) Both have its place in your closet. We all understand that a white shirt can be worn with a suit, so here are a few ideas on OTHER ways to wear that white shirt…because although you can wear this to anything, you wouldn’t wear it the SAME way to everything. Have I lost you yet?

Oh and about that #3. You know you sweat. Let’s not try to cover it up with a blazer. When your shirt is pitted out, time-to-replace. It’s inevitable; clothes don’t last forever.

Courtesy of DRESS LP.

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