Memorial Day Inspiration – Shall We Dance? Shall We Hug?

Good Morning everyone!  As we awaken and rise up on this lovely warm Memorial Day of 2012 let’s take a gratitude moment ( or several) to recall and honor the amazing blessings in our life.  Give generously; share yourself; share your love, share your light and your joy with a juicy hug today. We all need a hug, we all crave love. Give it up today, by beginning with yourself!  Yes, wrap yourself up in your own embrace – it’s great practice!  As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” Enjoy the following inspiration from Ramdesh. Have a glorious Memorial Day. With love & hugs, Allison

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject & verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love,” said the late great Martin Luther King Jr.

At Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home, an orphanage in India and one of the charities we are featuring during this sadhana, the children are taught to give back. These little ones who have been through the most desperate ordeals in their life are taught to uplift and protect those that need it. They rescue Rabbits from pashmina factory farms and lovingly take care of them. They make tiger masks and signs that say “Save the Tigers” and stand in front of bulldozers, calling the press to witness their civil disobedience and preserve tiger habitat forests. And they give hands of friendship to the new arrivals, fresh and shaking from trauma most of us will mercifully never know.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can serve. And during this glorious weekend, Memorial Day in America, where we take the time to honor those who serve in the aspect of defending the nation, it is an especially good time to remind ourselves what service is. Service is a way to pull ourselves and our world up. It is a meditation in action, a moving dance with the divine.

Shall we dance?


“Challenge doesn’t come to small people. Challenge comes to great people.” ~Yogi Bhajan

love with a hug today!

t’s easy for me to think of the children in this world in dire need and do them a tremendous disservice. It is easy for my mind to think about the children rummaging in trash heaps right now looking for food and feel sorry for them. And when I do so, I let us both down. Because in that moment I stop holding the high watch for them. I see them as downtrodden, rather than a strong being of light. That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have compassion for them and seek to find a way to help them and create a world where such poverty doesn’t exist. But pity is a weaker base for compassion than love, and I forget too often that Yogi Bhajan said, “Challenge doesn’t come to small people. Challenge comes to great people.”

The children in this world who have the hardest row to hoe can be our greatest teachers. They are strong and free and powerful beyond measure, if they can manage to remember that in the midst of a life that seeks to make them forget. What we must do, in addition to placing our resources and efforts at their backs to give them relief, is that we must place our vision and our light on their faces. We must know their own greatness for them, and never let them forget that they are special beyond measure. We must see the poorest of the poor as the kings and queens of this world, as living incarnations of the Divine sent to teach us compassion without pity.

Right now there are 11,200 of us in 75 countries with our minds focused on the welfare and strength of these children. Yogi Bhajan often said that the power of prayer was magnified by the number of people doing it, so our 11,200 strong group has the effect of 125,444,000 people praying. That’s quite a bit of energy behind helping children remember their light. But you see, in the process of boosting the world’s children, we really are elevating ourselves. If we can find the light for the scrawniest street kid in Columbia, how hard can it really be to find the light for ourselves?

When I spent time at the orphanage in India, Ramana’s Garden, and I listened to the children’s stories, I remember thinking to myself, “I have never had any problems in my life.” No matter what I’ve been through, their strength threw into high relief how blessed I have really been. What little messengers they were for me. Their smiles lit my soul like 100.000 lightbulbs and far from teaching them anything, the wisest gift I had to offer to such little saints was nothing more than a hug.

Whatever challenges you are facing, dear one, you are strong enough to carry it. I have nothing to offer you wiser than a hug.

“Keep up and you will be kept up.” ~Yogi Bhajan

Blessings, Ramdesh Kaur

P.S. Check out this video of Snatam Kaur and Gurmukh – A beautiful musical meditation blessing our children for the 40 day global sadhana.

Enjoy this instructional video with Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur for Spirit Voyage’s 40 Day Global Sadhana: Elevating Ourselves, Blessing Our Children. More information at

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