Looking Ahead With Lauren: Who Do You Wish To Be?

be-youWe all have role models or people that we wish we could be more like. There are always people that I wish I could be like or ongoing goals that I never quite keep.

In my head, I wish I was a dedicated yogi, who ate very healthy and only indulged in treats occasionally, exercised every day, always had a positive attitude, saved my money well and always did the right thing.

Yeah, that’s a lot of pressure. That’s how I wish I was, but in reality… I don’t always eat as healthy as I should, I fall off the yoga and exercise wagon, I shop too much, I make mistakes and let myself stew in a bad mood. Sometimes I beat myself up for all of this. I know I have to realize that I am human. This is completely normal.

Even those people that you see in your classes, on TV, at the mall that appear perfect make mistakes. There isn’t a perfect person out there. Everyone spends too much money at times or sneaks that extra piece of chocolate.

I think that it is perfectly fine to accept that you aren’t perfect. It is the giving up that isn’t acceptable. If you constantly eat junk food and think, well, I’m just human, I can eat whatever I want… that isn’t right. Even when you slip up, if you are still trying to be the best person you can be, it is okay.

So think of the person you wish you could be. Work towards it but accept you’ll never be that perfect person. You’re you, you’re trying and you are amazing! Go with it!

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  1. Definitely makes sense to me, and you are so right!

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