On Becoming and Being

In yoga, we often bandy about the statement, “Become a human BEING, not a human DOING.” We have an understanding of ourselves in accordance to what we do and a much more limited understanding of ourselves when we are being just as we are. We define ourselves by our careers, our spouses or significant others, our children (even the four-legged ones!), and, sometimes, even the things we purport to own. While all of these things may be part of who we are, the whole YOU is much more than the sum of those parts. The statement “Become a human BEING…” points to two parts of our lives that we seldom nourish enough: the idea of becoming and the idea of being. We are constantly becoming someone else but how often do we witness that change? It’s more likely that we wake up one morning and realize that we have changed instead of noticing, witnessing without judgment, that we have become someone different than we were the day before. This happens all the time but, since we are so frequently caught up in the doings of life, we seldom take the time to just be – to just BE that caring, non-judgmental observer, to just BE in our own bodies and in our own minds, to just BE with ourselves and our emotions from moment to moment. This beautiful and nourishing practice that we call yoga is so much more than the physical (asana) practice that allows us to be easier in our bodies. Yoga is the community that has formed around us, the calm that has formed within us, and the ability to sit back, relax, and just be, if only for a few minutes every day. We invite you to be with us during your practice as you become all that you naturally are – beautiful, inspired, inspiring, and fully aware of YOU! See you soon!

 The Road Ahead

Yoga teaches us how to be here in the present and how to keep that feeling, that awareness, present at all times. Recently, while reading a book about yoga, I was reminded of another benefit of yoga and how it can help us to better relate to the world around us, how it changes our responses to the stresses we encounter, and how it allows us a little more space for ourselves. To paraphrase what I was reading, “Yoga makes the road ahead of us a little smoother, a little less rocky, and a little less scary.” We have all had the experience of making plans, whether it’s plans for dinner or plans for the future, and have seen them fall through, fall apart, disappear. This can be a devastating experience but it need not be! It can be the perfect opportunity to let your yoga shine through and to show yourself what you have learned on your mat and how you can apply it when you are in the world. It can be a place to offer yourself love, patience, and compassion. It can be a critical juncture for you to stop and listen for the voice of the universe that dwells deep within your heart and to let it guide you on to better, more beautiful things for you. While we never know exactly where the road ahead will lead, we can make the journey more comfortable with just a little faith, a little compassion, and a little love for ourselves. We look forward to continuing to share the journey with you and to see where the road leads together. If there is anything you’d like to see on the schedule, let us know! We can make it happen! We are grateful for you!

Courtesy of:  Elements Yoga Bonita Springs Florida

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  1. Dearest Allison, and of course, this is quite beautiful; love to you and all the writers; special hugs for Lauren and Brenda;
    Peace, Shanti, SHALOM

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