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earth-dayEarth Day was a few weeks ago and we hope it was a great reminder for us about how we treat our precious Mother Earth. Think about it: we only get one Earth and one place to live and cherish. Yet, what do we do on a regular basis? Drive our gas guzzling cars that pollute the air, forget to recycle, cut down precious trees to make room for another CVS or subdivision and forget that we must take care of the Earth.

Please use Earth Day as a wonderful reminder to respect and cherish our Earth, but don’t let it stop there. Write down ways that you can help keep our air clean, our land beautiful and the Earth an amazing place to live for years and years to come. Often we forget that we have to preserve the world we live in for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on.

1. Hopefully the weather is beautiful this spring where you live and you can use today to ride your bike wherever you need to go instead of driving your car. A Sunday is a perfect day for this!

2. Take a yoga class and reflect on Mother Earth as you move fluidly through the poses.

3. Connect with Mother Nature. Again, depending on the weather, go for a walk in a nearby park or even your neighborhood. Don’t let any technology distract you and take in the sweet smell of flowers, the beauty of animals and trees and think about how it all affects you.

4. Learn how you can preserve the Earth by visiting a garden, preservation center, greenhouse or simply plant a tree. Find out what you can do to help and choose something you really enjoy.

5. Take steps in your own household. Use some of our tips in the links below to start conserving water, recycling and using environmentally friendly products in your home.

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