When Workouts Don’t Fit In Your Schedule (Or So You Think)

fell-off-wagonI’ve mentioned before that my flexible work schedule allows me to exercise at different times. Unfortunately, lately my flexible work schedule has hindered the amount of time I spend working out. As in, I haven’t been moving as much as I was. If you ask me what a typical day for me is like, I don’t have a great answer because it changes so much.

I work mainly at home, occasionally having to go into different offices to work. Right now I juggle projects from seven different clients and have a regular child care gig. Throw in all those errands, cleaning, friends/family/boyfriend time, things that just have to get done and well…

You get the picture.

Some days I just feel like I do so much running around, have so much work to get done on my computer, friends to see, things to do, stuff to buy… ugh, it gets exhausting and the last thing I want to do is add a workout in there!

The most important thing I tell myself is: Never Give Up!

I cut myself slack that there will be days, even weeks, where I don’t exercise much. Where I don’t have much time to run or take a yoga class or even go for a walk. I cut myself slack but I don’t give up! I know myself and I know I get into ruts where I just don’t feel like exercising. I also know that I need to work hard to get myself back into a fitness routine.

So when I feel ready, I start again. I remind myself why exercise is so important, why I love it and why I need it. I slowly but surely start scheduling back in workouts. I know I’ll have times where I stop again, but it is okay because I know I will always come back to it!

What do you do when you fall off the workout wagon? Please share with us!

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