Fabulous Hairstyles in 15 Minutes or Less

medium-hairstyleFor a sexy, sideswept look, work a texturizer through dry hair with a boar bristle brush.

Spray a little hairspray onto a vent brush and tease hair at the crown for a little extra height. Then grab that section and sweep loosely back to the side, fastening with a flower pin accessory.

Mist entire head with a light hairspray to keep the sexy, tousled look working hard all night.


TEXTURIZER like KMS California Hair Play Texture Blast, $16.

HAIR SPRAY like Dove Advanced Color Therapy Hair Spray, $5.

SHAMPOO like Sally Hershberger Supreme Head Shampoo for Wavy Hair, $9.49.

curly-hairTake curly hair from day to night by spritzing with a refreshing, enzyme-rich spray to bring back the bounce. Or use a little beachy spray.

Rake hair back with your fingers (to create lift) and fasten loosely with a small claw clip.

Finger-twirl a few of the loose pieces for extra polish.


REFRESHING SPRAY like David Babaii WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray, $11.95.

CLAW CLIPS like Goody Clips, $3.99.

SPRAY LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER like Alterna Hemp Spray Leave-In Conditioner, $20.

hair-updoCurly hair lends itself nicely to a messy chignon.

Flip hair over and spritz with hairspray all over. This will give your hair a little extra grit and keep your chignon from wilting after an hour.

Rake hair up and back with your hands, pushing it forward at the roots to encourage lift, and secure ends in a twist at the nape of your neck. Keep sticking in bobby pins and pulling out pieces to loosen the style.

Then, mist the twist with a little shine spray. This shouldn’t look perfect but fast/sexy/chic.


HAIRSPRAY like Aussie Catch The Wave Hairspray, $3.99.

BOBBY PINS like Scunci Comfort Curve Bobby Pins, $1.29.

SHINE SPRAY like Charles Worthington All Over Shine Spray, $6.49.

brown-bobThis look is so ’60s sexpot – and it’s easy! Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to amp up hair’s natural volume so it doesn’t look heavy.

Run a dab of leave-in conditioner through the end, towel-dry and blow-dry hair with your head mostly upside down.

Flip hair back over and make a deep side part. Smooth down flyaways with a little anti-frizz cream where needed.


VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO like Dove Extra Volume Shampoo, $7.29.

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER like Bumble & Bumble Leave-In Conditioner, $23, keeps ends from looking fried.

ANTI-FRIZZ CREAM like Neutrogena Hair Care Triple Moisture Smooth Shine Anti-Frizz Cream, $7.39, keeps every strand in order.

Courtesy of Marie Claire.

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