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polar-bearsThis was certainly a good week for dog news. Friday was World Puppy Day, an event celebrating the magic of puppies and raising awareness for orphaned and abused dogs around the world.

In honor of National Puppy Day, check out these video of babies playing with puppies. HuffPost women also offered up 11 breeds of puppies that “you need more than a man.”

For more cute dog action, check out this video of a dog and a cat wrestling. Dog-cat rivalries might not be anything new, but the video shows one of the cutest dog and cat scuffles we’ve ever seen.

An eagle nest in Iowa is expecting several new babies as this year’s hatch begins this weekend. With eggs hatching about a week apart, there is still plenty of time to watch the eagles emerge, on a live webcam available here.

A baby giraffe born last month at the Bronx Zoo is making her public debut next week. Still unnamed, the young female is about six feet tall and weighed over 100 pounds at birth.

In other animal news, Texas wildlife officials announced this week that they are suspending a policy of killing burros in a state park near the Mexican border. According to the Associated Press, officials estimate that 300 burros live in Big Bend Ranch State Park, while 130 have been killed since 2007.

Courtesy of The Huffington Post – Click to view more photos!

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