The Healing Power of Flowers

“Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom.  They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.”  ~Jim Carrey

Can flowers help you heal? Based on a recent study from Kansas State University, the answer seems to be YES!!! Researchers followed 90 patients recovering from surgery and found that those with plants in their rooms had less anxiety and fatigue, their blood pressure was lowered and didn’t take as many painkillers as the patients in rooms without plants. Being in touch with nature, i.e. contact with plant life, seems to reduce stress which may help patients recover more rapidly and experience less pain. “Anyone can benefit from spending more time with nature,” says John Davis Ph.D., Naropa University Professor of Psychology. Since humans evolved in natural settings, a lack of contact with nature may create tension, he explains. Taking your lunch break in a park, exercising near an abundance of trees or even keeping potted plants in your office can all help relieve that tension. “Regardless of how much contact you have with nature more will generally be better,” he adds.

flowerI get my clients and students outside to work out whenever possible and they love it.

Almost immediately I notice a change in their attitude and their energy level. How could fresh air, beautiful natural surroundings and sunshine ever be bad for you? Even on a cloudy day, going outside to work out, take a walk or work in your garden has many positive emotional and physical benefits.

Give it a try!!!

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  1. Flowers are symbolic of so many things; try capturing one on paper just using crayons, and suddenly, you become young again.

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