May-ed For Fitness – Interval Training Walking! Not Your Ordinary Walk Around the Block

You say you only have 20-30 minutes for exercise? No problem. Let’s go!

This short, yet powerful, interval style walking workout will provide plenty of cardiovascular, fat burning and bone building benefits! Focus on form, intensity and speed during each walking interval for optimal results. You will be feeling and looking fabulous in no time!

Warm -up – Bring along a watch or pedometer to time your intervals. Begin with a 5 minute moderate pace warmup walk. Move your arms naturally with your legs and pump them in a forward and upward direction!

Using a pedometer to track your steps will always take your walking workout to the next level.

Power walk  – This should be twice as fast as your warmup pace.  Add light weights for an extra boost! Walk this way for 5 minutes. Slow your pace for a minute to recover.

One of the benefits of power walking is that it not only speeds up the body’s metabolism but it also strengthens and tones the upper and lower leg muscles as well as the glutes. Just three 15 – 20 minute walking sessions per week will produce noticeable results in your weight and you ability to walk faster.

Backwards power walk -Look straight ahead and focus on your behind! Keep a slight bend in the knees and hug your belly in for stability and a strong core. Make sure the street or sidewalk surface is smooth before you step backwards. It is very important to pick your feet up and push off with each step. One of my favorites! Walk this way for 5 minutes. Slow your pace for one minute and recover.

Don’t be surprised to feel some heat in your quads. Backwards walking is great for toning your butt and thighs.

Sideways Leap - Stand sideways and lead with your right leg first. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Leap with your hands in prayer position in front of your face. Do this for one minute on each side. Repeat leading with your left leg. Leap sideways again on each side. This is amazing for your inner and outer thighs!  Walk for one minute to recover.

Strong abductor muscles (your outer thighs) support your back, knees and hips – along with a great looking pair of jeans! 

Speed walk! Much faster than a power walk. Use a short stride with your arms pumping forward at your side. Proper heel and toe action of the foot is required here. Heel strike first and roll off the ball of your foot. Turn your toes in slightly and feel the constant rotation of your hips. Slow down and walk on your tippy toes for one minute.  Cool down to a comfortable walking pace for a few minutes. Stretch and you’re good to go about your day! If you have any questions I’m just a click away.

Walking on your tippy toes is important for balance, strong ankles and feet and let’s not forget shapely calves!

Watch -Out! Stay connected with for your next Interval Training Walking Workout – packed with a punch & push!

“Keep up and you will be kept up”

Love, Allison

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  1. Allison; super advice, and walking on tippy toes is also WONDERFUL for shapely calves!
    thank you

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