May-ed For Physical Fitness – Building A Strong Future!

Building A Strong Future

Thank you for joining us in April for “Celebrate Your Strength”! We hope you enjoyed 30 wonderful days of inspiration and hope for an extraordinary future – one filled with love, joy, contentment and good health. For your convenience and continued enjoyment we have re-capped the daily posts into one so you can look back to the articles that you may have missed or loved the most. Click right here to revisit Celebrate Your Strength! will continue to celebrate your strength and magnificence with May-ed For Physical Fitness everyday in May. Our Team is hard at work bringing you great workouts and fitness routines; in and out of the gym. With mighty May here and now, it’s time to spring into your physical power with energizing walks; running, biking and swimming workouts fit for every age and fitness level. We will inspire you to bend, stretch and flex your muscles and bones – revitalizing your youthful spirit. You can expect weight training, plenty of push-ups (my fav!), core workouts, TRX and Insanity style workouts. Boot camp workouts, circuit and interval training will take the lead; giving you the movement edge you need to burn excess fat, kill calories and build lean sculpted muscles. We will even throw in healthy eating and nutrition articles to support the good hard work you will be doing each day! Sound like a plan you can handle? I sure hope so!

Keep in mind the following

1- You will get stronger just by trying

2 – Strong women (and men) work very hard to achieve their goals – there is no other way!

3 – Your success is measured by the effort you put forth everyday

4-  Be prepared, be focused, be in charge of your body and your life!

With love & support for a healthy and fit future! ~ Allison

“Keep up and you will be kept up!” ~ Yogi Bahjan

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