Celebrate Your Strength Re-Cap

Be Fit For Your Future

Thank you for joining us in April for “Celebrate Your Strength”! We hope you enjoyed our 30 days of inspiration and hope for an extraordinary future – one filled with love, joy, contentment and good health. For your convenience and continued enjoyment we have re-capped the daily posts into one, so you can look back to the articles that you may have missed or loved the most. Keep reading right here to revisit Celebrate Your Strength!  Please stay with us in May for MAY-ed For Fitness. Your healthy future depends on it!

April – Celebrate Your Strength Everyday This Month

Eating Well – Tips For Buying Healthy Food

Women & Weights – Start Lifting NOW!

Feeling Anxious? Try Breath Work!

Eat Fat and Have More Energy

The Art of Retreating: The Body and Mind Self-Repair

Indulge Your Cravings with Moderation and Healthy Foods

Sensing Spring – A New Beginning!

Take the Stairs Every Day

Finding Inspiration from Nature

Boot Camp Style Walking Workout

The Big Debate: Vegetable/Canola Oil Vs. Coconut Oil

Stand Up! Join HAVEN for Take Back the Night

Self-Compassion and Love

Try a Flock of Crow Poses and See What Comes Up!

Walk This Way!


Learning to Love the Flaws

Release Your Mind’s Fears and Disabilities

Egg and Spinach Breakfast Tacos Recipe

Expectations of Sexual Availability

Your Body is Talking, But Are You Listening?

Be Inspired with Song and Dance

Love the Light of the Present Moment

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