Our Titanic Party Outfits

On Saturday, I attended a Titanic party. (You know it was the 100th year anniversary of the ship’s sinking!)

It was amazing–impeccably thought out in every detail. From the first class passenger ticket invitations, to the different menus at each ‘cabin’ (beef stew served in 3rd Class, caviar-topped deviled eggs in 1st) to being greeted with champagne and an orchestra– “Good Evening, Welcome to the Titanic.” We really did feel as though we were mingling amongst passengers.

The mixologist created cocktails with names like, Remember the Maine and The Bronx. (heavy on the gin they were back then!) The night proved that it is possible to play ‘pretend’ as an adult!

The soiree commanded ‘black tie’ which, to be honest, sparked some anxiety within me & my fiancé. When I think of costume parties, I think of some fun nonsense like Christmas sweaters (maybe I need classier friends? ha). And when I think of black tie, I think of an event one plans for far in advance, possibly spends money on–not something you throw together at Michael’s the day of. A black tie, time-period event–calls for research!

After some quick investigating, I decided to hone in on these wardrobe characteristics of the female first class passengers:

* empire waist silhouettes

* long gloves

* beading

* curly hair- high height (They did this too look thinner.)

* extensions (Actually, I had no intention of getting extensions, but I learned that if not horse hair, the women used the hair from their own brushes to create extensions. Why does that gross me out more than horse hair?)

* feathers!

* corsets (no thanks!)

* makeup- LIGHT! (At the time, only prostitutes and actresses wore it, interesting, huh?)

* lace, silk

* The men- top hats, white bow ties

top-hats-titanicTop hats!

titanic-fashionTuxedos, lace & sashes! (This 1st class female took everyday clothes and improved–adding ribbon and layer. Great outcome!)

titanic-fashionDo you get it? We were supposed to be snotty towards the Third Class. (basement of the party)

And if you are just so enamored with all things Titanic, then check out this site: Past & Present Creations- very accurate reproduction of the actual movie outfits.

Courtesy of DRESS LP.

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