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dogsEarlier this month, authorities removed more than 350 urine-soaked, flea-ridden dogs — many with medical conditions — from an Allegan County mass-breeding operation. This case highlights how inadequate Michigan law is in preventing needless animal suffering at puppy mills. Fortunately, legislation (HB 5230/5231 and SB 891/892) has been introduced to enact standards for how breeding dogs can be housed and cared for in our state.

Please call your state representative Lisa Brown (517) 373-1799 and your state senator Mike Kowall (517) 373-1758 and ask for support for the Puppy Protection Act: HB 5230/5231 and SB 891/892. And don’t forget to send a follow-up message.




Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

Courtesy of The Humane Society.

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