Gay Men And Straight Women Have Similar Brains, Says Neurosurgeon

differences-in-brainsBecause we are known for being thoroughly classy, we promise to withhold all the kinky examining table jokes Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors inspires to bring you this serious science-y story.

Using the rugby player who famously “became gay” after suffering a stroke as an example, neurosurgeon Dr. Neil Martin displayed similarities between homosexual male and heterosexual female brains to defend a biological origin for sexual orientation on Tuesday’s episode of The Doctors.

After suffering a stroke, Chris Birch says he exploded all the way up the Kinsey scale from fully straight to fully gay. Dr. Martin appeared on CBS syndicated medical talk show, The Doctors today to explain Birch’s story.

As well as confirming that strokes can in fact cause folks to bat for the other team, Dr. Martin went on to detail another fascinating biological explanation for homosexuality courtesy of the brain.

Using MRI scans of male and female brains, Dr. Martin showed viewers that “in the male brain, this area the amiglia is barely connected to the opposite hemisphere. In the female brain, the amiglia is connected to multiple areas throughout the cerebral hemisphere–women are just more connected than men are.”

Courtesy of Instinct Magazine – click link to watch a video from the popular show, “The Doctors”.

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