Celebrate Your Strength With A Powerful Walk This Weekend: Boot Camp Style Walking Workout

“Keep up and you will be kept up” – Yogi Bhajan

By no surprise, this invigorating and rigorous style of walking just happens to be my favorite! I love this Boot Camp walking workout so much that I have designed a mini version of a military fitness style walk — Just for you! Honestly, this kind of workout is great fun with a friend or small group. The dog really needs to stay in the backyard for this one because you will need to be hands free. Tie a jumprope around your waist, hook up your ipod , grab a set of 2-5 pound dumbbells and you’re ready to move — Walking: Boot Camp Style!

Take 30-45 minutes out of your day for an energizing, fat burning, butt lifting, bone building and core strengthening workout! This mini walking workout is easy to follow, convenient and effective — you’ll want to make it a regular event! Remember to attach your pedometer!

1. Moderate walking for 5 minutes

2. Pump your dumbbells with gusto and pick-up your pace for 5 minutes — walk as quickly as possible without breaking into a jog or run. (Of course, there is nothing wrong with a steady paced jog for a few minutes)

3. Squat low and reach to the sky 30 times with your DB’S

4. Speed walk for 1 minute, Giant steps for 1 min, full out lunging for 1 min, swing your arms alternately with your legs.

5. Put your dumbbells down and skip or jump rope for one minute! (optional)

6. March like a soldier for 1 minute and be sure to keep your knees high and your arms pumping strong!

Repeat # 1-6 one or two more times for a great walking workout!

“Keep up and you will be kept put up!”- Yogi Bhajan

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