Celebrate Your Strength: Finding Inspiration From Nature

Spring has arrived, early this year, which we are all very grateful for. With it comes the arrival of babies. I am speaking of the ones we see in the course of our daily suburban lifestyle; birds, ducks, turtles, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, foxes, and geese…they all need us to slow down for their safety when they wander unknowingly into the street. And when we slow down for them we can take a moment and enjoy the waddle of the mom and her ducklings following innocently behind, one by one. We can listen early in the morning to the sound of the crazy woodpecker that doesn’t yet know your gutter is not made out of wood or the beautiful chirping of new born birds learning how to sing like mom. Take a look for a moment at the baby deer in your yard making his way on legs that look like they could snap in half any minute like a toothpick.

Remember how lucky you are for in that moment you get an opportunity to see or hear something so pure and fresh and innocent. Think about it. It’s beautiful. Enjoy it. Take that moment and realize how beautiful life can be.

Wishing all of you a spring full of animal sightings and peace.

Animal Joy


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