Week 2 – Celebrate Your Strength: Take The Stairs Everyday!

Not only does exercise strengthen our muscles and our heart, protect our body from injury, illness, disease and premature aging, but exercise also helps build our self esteem and confidence. Regular exercise will help you like – even love yourself! Science has proven that when we strengthen our muscles and joints by exercising regularly, we rate our happiness and self worth higher. When we strengthen our bodies, we strengthen our minds, we make healthier choices for ourselves and family, make faster decisions at work and home because we are more confident and mentally clear. If you observe female leaders you will also learn that the majority of them make fitness a priority and it shows–Michelle Obama is a great example.

To be able to live your best life, stand tall and look straight ahead to your future , have your own voice and be heard — you need to be strong on every level. If you have reached that point in your life- good for you –keep up the great effort as it will reward you forever. If you are not where you wish to be yet – no worries! I challenge you to build a stronger and healthier body and mind this month (including your brain power) by trying something new or different everyday and by celebrating your worthiness. You can do this (with us) everyday in April. “Celebrate Your Strength” and  ”Be Fit For Your Future!”‘

If I can share two final words of advice–strength train! Building muscle builds a firmer body, longer and more energetic stride, taller more stable spine, strong core and turns your body into a calorie crushing, fat burning machine. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already committed to fitness, continue to build it and the strength and benefits will follow.

 This Week’s Fitness “Do It” Tip:

This week you will make a commitment to take the stairs – all day , everyday! There are stairs everywhere; in your home, your friends or family’s home, the mall, in the building where you work, outside the front door of many city buildings, at the gym – everywhere! Forget the elevator, forget the escalator, remember to walk or run the stairs.

Consider this:

According to the Compendium of Physical Activities Tracking Guide – A 140-pound person will burn 83 calories after running up seven flights of stairs in five minutes. Walking up the same flight of stairs in 10 minutes while carrying any weighted object will burn 99 calories. Do the math! If you decide to run the stairs for ten minutes you will burn approximately 166 calories. Do this for 30 days and you will possibly burn up 4,980 calories. You can realistically lose a pound or more by the end of the month simply by running the stairs every day for ten minutes. Walk the stairs carrying a few books or a grocery bag everyday for 10 minutes and you will burn up approximately 2,900 calories. Think of all the muscles and bones in your body that will strengthen while doing so. Wow! Keep in mind; these numbers are not exact and depend on factors such as body weight, age and intensity. The point is: stair walking or running is a no cost, simple, convenient and effective way to burn fat and strengthen your body. You will get stronger – just by trying!

Get out of your own way, find a way, go out of your way and take the stairs!  Celebrate your strength ladies and “Be Fit For Your Future!”

With Love & Good Health – Allison

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