“The Daffodil Principle” What Can You Plant Today?

What can you plant today?

All religious preferences aside, this is a wonderful, timeless story for everyone to enjoy and share!

Inspiration from Ramdesh and Jai-Jagdeesh – Day 13 of the 40 day Global Sadhana from Spirit Voygae.com

Once a woman was going to visit her daughter and granddaughters high in the mountains of California. They planned to visit a garden together. The roads were very narrow and twisting, and there was a heavy mist that made it quite dangerous. Once she got to their house, she declared the roads were too perilous and she didn’t want to go to the garden. After much protesting, she was tricked into the car with her family. When she realized they were going back on the mountain passes, she became grumpy, irritable and resistant. But her daughter insisted there was something in this garden that she needed to see. Fighting the whole way, they finally came upon a hand-lettered sign for “The Daffodil Garden”. Thinking she could see Daffodils at home any old time, she continued her bad mood. Until they actually walked into the garden, at which time everything changed. She gasped. Whole mountainsides were covered with blooming daffodils, like colorful waterfalls. The flowers were painted in patterns of swirls and intricate designs, deep orange, white, salmon pink, butter yellow and saffron. More than 35 varieties of daffodils had been planted in this one valley high in the mountains. Hyacinth were planted as well, giving the impression of one great central purple waterfall emptying into a golden river. Five acres of nothing but flowers. In response to the questions in her head, she saw another hand-lettered sign near a small, humble cabin. “Answers to Questions I Know You’re Asking”, it read. “50,000 bulbs. One at a time, by one woman with two hands. Began in 1958.” The woman was inspired to create something that very day, to begin the work of her life, one bulb at a time.My wonderful mother (Hi mom!) is a minister, and she always tells a true story called “The Daffodil Principle” around Easter time at her church. On this beautiful day of rebirth and new beginnings, I share it with you, hoping it will inspire you to create something new this day.

That is the Daffodil Principle. What can you plant today? What can you grow and create in your life? What dreams can you envision that one day and one step at a time you can create with you nothing but your hands and your heart?

Easter is a time of renewal. Something magnificent is happening to you today. Within you, a vast garden is being planned. Thousands upon thousands of beautiful things want to come into being through you. All you have to do is take it one step at a time.

St. Francis of Assisi said, “Lord, Make me an instrument of thy peace.” Your prayer has already been granted. You are an instrument of peace, of hope, of love and of beauty. One bulb at a time.


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