Celebrate Your Strength With The Art of Retreating: For Body and Mind Self-Repair

“The soul is dyed of the color of our thoughts. Day by day, what you choose, what you think, And what you do is who you become.“ – Heraclitus -

Lets face it, we are all moving around too quickly from one meeting to another, one place to the next, our batteries running on empty and then we wonder why we get sick. The majority of people thrive on caffeine and carbohydrates, grabbing a bite to eat wherever is convenient and eating it whilst talking on their mobile phones. All the while not realizing the effects of such lifestyle, the build up of tension, stress, toxins combined with the wrong diet etc, all piling up in their systems ready to explode and break-down for lack of self care and awareness.

The first and foremost step towards positive change and renewal is recognizing the poor choices we make on a regular basis as well as the fact of how unaware we really are. That is the first step towards awareness. Years upon years of such poor lifestyle end in a manifestation of disease. Change starts from within with a real sense of genuine commitment to want to improve your well-being and keep disease at bay.

Ayurveda and Yoga practices provide the tools necessary for this positive transformation to occur. The art of Pancha Karma and Rasayana are the basis of this renewal philosophy, even simple cleansing programs at the cross of the seasons (spring and fall) could bring you tremendous renewal benefits, followed by daily regimes and practices that support the entire process of detoxification, tonification and renewal. A Yogic routine MUST be practiced on a regular daily basis for one to really reap the benefits. Hence why this ancient medical system, still after 5,000 years, stands at the foreground of natural and alternative medicine.

Keeping in mind that overuse, underuse, misuse or injury are the basis of most imbalances, we ought to take charge of our own health and well-being as this body that has been given to us is our vehicle for learning so that we can transcend the self beyond the physical field into the spiritual realm of immortality, until then, we

Got to take full control of our entire micro-cosmos as well as learn from our mistakes.

“Learning the lost art of self-repair implies a process of giving your body’s intelligence an opportunity to function in a different mode than the one that brought it to its…

Body-renewal: The lost art of self-repair

What ever state your body happens to be in right now, there is always room for improvement. Lets focus on IMPROVEMENT of mind & body for the transmutation of our spirit. Below are just but a few suggestions that one could implement towards the retrieval of the body’s lost or forgotten pure intelligence necessary to kick-start it into self-renewal & healing mode.

Under the subject of food and consumption:

You are what you eat. Take a double look at what is in your kitchen pantry as it may be hindering your health more than you could think.

Moderate and eventually cut off completely: meat, fowl and eggs.

Avoiding toxins in your food and environment.

Take alcohol only in extreme moderation

Take a diet rich in natural anti-oxidants (nothing canned, left-overs or pre-cooked meals)

Olive oil and healthy oils, avoid saturated fats (those that coagulate at room temperature)

Avoid white sugar and anything processed

Establish a routine for your meals

Follow a liquid diet one a week or minimum once per month.

 Under the subject of Physical activity:

Exercise for a minimum of 15- to 30 minutes per day to the point of breaking a sweat (that includes Yoga asanas, martial arts, dancing, speed walking, gardening, riding a bike, anything that you can keep up at a moderate tempo for the time allocated to do so)

Avoid injury

Stretch for a minimum of 15 min

 Under the subject of the mind:

This is the most important step towards reconnecting with our source. Our mind is very powerful and as such it requires a process of disconnection from the every-day noise that we subject it to, creating a void or space of silence. It is within that sacred space that we find the pure intelligence field responsible for reintegrating your entire system so it works in harmony and synchronicity.

Meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes per day

Practice Pranayama. To add more power to your renewal program you need to lean to soften the breath.

Practice Devotion, to your partner, family or higher power

Take adequate sleep. It is mother nature’s best medicine.

Learn not to speak poorly of others, cultivate a positive attitude towards life.

This is a good start. Take it one day at a time, remember that it takes 40 days and 40 nights to make or break a habit therefore allow yourself time and be bathed by the innocence of a…child, approach this new guidelines from that perspective so you are not setting yourself up for failure.

It is also a good idea to sit down quietly and write out your ideal schedule for every day of the week, making time for everything important in your life. However you decide to breakdown your schedule, commit to it from your heart and you will start to experience the benefits when your health starts to improve and this will propel you forwards.

About Liliana Galvis:

Liliana was born in Bogota, Colombia, South America. She moved to Canada at the age of 15 where she studied and later established herself as a fitness professional. She studied at the University of Ottawa followed by training in sports therapy specializing in massage and remedial bodywork at Raworth College of Natural and Sports Therapies, in Surrey, England. Determined to learn more, in 2009 Liliana immersed herself in the studies of Ayurveda with Sri Sri Ayurveda, at the Art of Living Ashram in Quebec, Canada. Currently she works works in Montreal, runs Yoga retreats Internationally and writes for a few publications in London, England. Learn more about Liliana at Lily Pod Yoga

By Rupina Meer: My Yoga Online

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