Treating The Root Cause of Allergies With Acupuncture, Chinese & Naturopathic Medicine

Allergy and sinus season is in full swing! Read how acupuncture, traditional chinese medicine and naturopathic medicine can make a big difference in how the season effects you.

Acupuncture for the treatment of sinus and allergies

With unseasonably warm temperatures and flowers and trees in early bloom, sinus and allergy season has lurched upon us with a vengeance. Many patients coming to our office for other condiitons are also being treated for symptoms related to allergies and sinus. These include itchy eyes and nose, congestion, sneezing and scratchy throat.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Lung Qi has a number of functions related to allergic response. The lung Qi controls Qi and the breath. It also creates and distributes the protection/defensive qi (called wei qi) , and provides an immune barrier that protects the body from outside pathogens that cause allergies, illness and disease. The goal of acupuncture during this time is to strengthen the Lung Qi and prevent a severe allergic response.

By combining acupuncture and Chinese Herbs – many of our patients avoid taking over the counter or prescription medications which do not treat the root cause of allergies and can oftentimes mask symptoms.

We have a number of ready- made herbal tinctures for you to choose from. These include:

Jade Windscreen – treats persistent allergies with runny nose, clear discharge, sneezing recurrent colds and flus and for the treatment of chronic allergies, rhinitis, early stages of colds and flu’s and respiratory tract infections.

Bi Yan Pian – also called “nose inflammation tablets”, Bi Yan Pian is ideal for sinusitis, rhinitis, hay fever, allergies, sinus infections and head colds!

Blue Green Lung Clearing Formula a very effective formula for cough with phlegm, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and a wide range of pediatric respiratory disorders.

Don’t wait until your symptoms get severe. Chinese Medicine is Preventative Medicine!

Naturopathic Medicine suggestions for seasonal allergies

Naturopathic Medicine offers good vitamin support for allergies. Suggested supplements to take during allergy season include:

Bioflavonoids Bioflavonoids are natural antihistamines and are strongly anti-allergenic. Bromelain and vitamin C can enhance the action of bioflavonoids. Combination products are available.

Probiotics . Probiotics help promote good bowel health. The gut is often thought of as the center of our immune system.

Calcium Chloride-1-3 grams a day

Vitamin A- 25,000 IUs daily.

Vitamin C- 1-3 grams 2 to 3 times daily or to bowel tolerance. (Bowel tolerance is the amount of vitamin C that can be taken without causing diarrhea).

Vitamin E- 400 IUs daily.

Zinc- 30 mg daily.

In additon, using a neti pot daily for nasal irrigation can have a dramatic effect on symptoms. The neti pot helps thin the nasal mucosa and flush out the nasal passages; taking allergens and toxins with it. It is a great adjunct to dietary and nutritional supplements.

Courtesy of:  Acupuncture Healthcare Associates of Michigan

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