April 1st! Celebrate Your Strength Everyday This Month!

Celebrate your strength and beauty!

April, from the latin word Aprillus means: ‘to open’ or ‘opening’. It is the spring month, blossoms opening, birds singing, mother natures children growing up around us – new growth everywhere.  April is the month of rebirth and hope for the future.  I often think of the words my first yoga teacher would say in class, “when you have veered off the right path, step back onto your yoga mat and begin again.”   I believe that every moment of your life is an opportunity to begin again. Thank goodness for these moments! I can think of no better time than April 1st, as spring awakens, to begin again. Please join “Our Team” today and everyday this month as we honor and celebrate your strength, your courage and your beauty. Together we will celebrate our hope for a healthy future!

Ignite and stretch your senses. Head outside today for a walk, without your iPod or cell phone – just you. See, smell, listen and feel mother natures bounty. Celebrate the amazing energy and beauty that is you!

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