Looking Ahead With Lauren: The Eyes Of A Child

leprechaun-pot-of-gold-coinsIt is almost St. Patrick’s Day which leads me to a funny story. When I was a little kid, for some reason I was scared of Leprechauns. I remember in Elementary School one year the teacher told us that Leprechauns would come and decorate our classroom. I’m sure she didn’t make them out to be bad little creatures, but for some reason I remember believing the night before St. Patrick’s Day, Leprechauns would come into my bedroom at night and steal all of my toys. I piled all of my beanie babies, stuffed animals and beloved toys into bed with me and tried to hold them all tight so they wouldn’t get stolen.

Crazy, right? The things we believe as kids sometimes are very strange. How we never quite understand how the world really works. Perhaps I was more naive that most kids these days, but this leads me to another thought. As children, we do hold a more positive outlook and naivety towards the world. As we age, tragedies arise and people hurt us and we become harder, wiser and often more realistic and pessimistic.

So today, try to look at the world through the eyes of a child. No, don’t become paranoid that little creatures will steal your treasures, but simply look at the world with kinder and more hopeful eyes. Get into the spirit of holidays. Remember that there is time for work and time for play. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Practice your manners. Treat the world for the playground that children see it as. Be curious.

Do you have any funny stories from when you were a kid? How will you live today through the eyes of a child?

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  1. Great advice; sad that pessimism has a tendency to set in, huh? Now, we need to make a ‘conscious effort to fight that as well as fear.’

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