Fashion Star, Instant Gratification

“You can be a wanna be or an about to be.” –John Varvatos

I just watched the premier of Fashion Star. Have you seen their print and media advertisements? They’ve been running for what feels like, forever…and now I understand why. Immediately after watching each episode, viewers can buy the styles that ‘won.’ Therefore, the winning designers have already been selected and their featured garments, mass produced. So you can buy what you like, right NOW. That’s pretty fabulous.

I’m not saying all the styles are fabulous, but people like instant gratification (and so do the retailers).

Quick premise: Each week a handful of new designers show off their creations in a quick (rock & roll-ish) runway show. There are 3 buyers: 1 from Saks Fifth Avenue, H&M and Macys. If they like what they see, they enter in an offer to buy that design (a la Jeopardy style). I can imagine it’s probably an amazing feeling to have Saks tell you they will give you $80K to sell your skirt, especially if you are bartending when you’d rather be designing. (Even if they are marking it up 4 times the cost!)

What I liked:

* Orly’s “skirt with a shell.” (Her explanation: preventing her “who-ha” from being exposed on a windy day.) At first sight I thought, are these supposed to replace wearing boy shorts under short skirts? (for same reason mentioned above) I personally don’t do tight mini skirts but I very much like the versatility of the zip on and off/2 skirts in 1. I like options. I don’t like one and done pieces. This piece is a refreshing idea.

I only wish Saks offered it in more than the black color. I believe I saw a patterned one on the episode…


* Nzimiro’s blazers. Yeah, it’s a blazer–just hearing that sounds uneventful. But details like permanent stand up collars and angular pockets in linen, add just the right amount of interesting. (Again, we’ll see if I feel the same way when it arrives at my doorstep. Apparel is so tactile! This better not be made like crap!) But then again, it’s a men’s blazer for $50, you get what you pay for–hope my fiancé likes it!


* The mentors (Nicole Richie, John Varvatos & Jessica Simpson) putting an arrogant Aussie designer in his place.

What I didn’t like:

So many of the designs…weren’t original. Have you seen a large print caftan dress, or a one shoulder spandex-y mini in bright green? Yes. Maybe the talent level here isn’t as high as in some of the fashion reality shows of the past, but I appreciate the concept of the program. And guess what? The real hack pieces? They don’t get picked up by a buyer. The fact that no’s are actually frequent makes viewing more interesting.

Want to buy from the show last night? Ready, set, go!

Courtesy of DRESS LP.

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