Release Fear And Become A Conscious Leader! It is day 36 and Our Global Sadhana Meditation Continues

“Aadays Tisay Aadays” It is day 36 and Our Global Sadhana Meditation at Karma Yoga continues - Sat Nam! Don’t miss this beautiful inspiration from day 34 and you can still join us at - love, Allison

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. There can be no other way.”

~ Albert Einstein

Daily Inspiration from Ramdesh

“Everything is energy,” said Albert Einstein, “That’s all there is to it.”

Part of the brilliance of Kundalini yoga is the wealth of resources it offers. Different kriyas, meditation and mantra all provide very specific energies that allow you to create specific outcome. We “match” the vibrational frequency of fearlessness and leadership with this particular meditation. It can have no other outcome.  Pay attention to your energy today. What you offer in the form of words, thoughts and actions will return to you. Hear “Aadays Tisay Aadays” in your head as you go throughout your day. Focus on your breath as you are working and inhale “Sat” and exhale “Nam”.  Make yourself a vibrational match for something wonderful. You already are wonderful, after all, so why not express it?

“Keep up and you will be kept up.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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Mantra: Aadays Tisai Aadays (short version)

Complete Mantra: Aadays Tisai Aadays Aad Aneel Anaad Anaahat Jug Jug Ayko Vays

Language: Gurmukhi - Source: Japji Sahib - Author: Guru Nanak


All honor to the One, Hail the Primal Being whose attributes cannot be described, Who is without beginning, the Unstruck Sound, and whose form is One through every Age.

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  1. This is very intriguing; I followed your links and read about QiQong, and that was truly amazing.

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