Go On A Pet Friendly Vacation!

flint-hillGoing on vacation this summer? Maybe you’re going toward the southeastern part of our country, which so many of us do in the summertime. If you live in Washington D.C., this is a one hour no brainer.

The village of Flint Hill is one of five villages in a beautiful, tranquil county called Rappahannock, located in North Central Virginia. It’s a lush and rural area with a population of 7000. Lots of locally grown foods and wines are offered up in the restaurants. March through October is the ideal time to pick a weekend getaway. If you go you may want to check out the Flint Hill Public House and Country Inn, especially if you have a dog.

What caught my eye about this place, in particular, was they have two separate dinner menus. A menu for you and a menu for your dog! The inn’s co-owner, William Waybourn, says he prefers the European way, which is bring your dog to dinner and let him sit at your feet and eat (off his own menu, of course). One of the offerings is “pooch stew,” ground beef, carrots and rice.

This historic area offers many things to do; wine tours, historic sites, outdoor activities, art galleries, antiques, horse back riding and so much more…and if you can take your dog to a gourmet dinner, why not?

Visit www.flinthillva.com, www.visitrapphannockvaca.com.

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