We’re Doing It Again: Celebrate Your Strength With Us in April 2012

happy-girlLast April, we featured a series of posts called “What’s For Fitness Today?”. It featured posts to get your heart pumping, to boost your happiness and healthiness, to inspire and challenge you and to give you all the tools you need for a wonderful spring and a healthy future. This April, we’re doing it again! “Celebrate Your Strength” with Askinyourface.com. We will be featuring a post every day in April designed to create a healthier and happier YOU!

We will be writing on all the ways to grow into a happier and healthier person that includes relationship advice (with yourself and others), great workouts, fitness tips, diet and nutrition advice, mindfulness articles, ways to improve brain power, how to prevent disease and much, much more! Hopefully by April the weather will be beautiful and the sun will start to shine more brightly so we can get you outside for inspiration and invigorating exercise. We are looking forward to being your inner and outer wellness “go to” guide!

Here’s where you can help: comment below or email us at info@askinyourface.com and tell us what you’d like to see in this series of posts. Let us know what workouts you desire, what questions you have or information you seek about all fitness and wellness matters, what type of inspiration you are looking for, etc. Tell us anything you’d like to read in our 30 day challenge!

Also, let us know if you’d like to be a guest contributor if you have a specific idea in mind.

Take a look at our “What’s For Fitness Today?” series from last April for some inspiration!

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