Top Trends For Spring 2012


That’s right: Spring 2012 is right around the corner. Here are some of the top trends that are coming to you as the weather starts getting nicer.

Top Animal Print: Birds

Bird, bird, bird is the word. This year’s trend is all about birds if you’re thinking of wearing an animal on your sweater. It can go from the outrageous to the more toned down, wearable looks (see left).

Top Color Schemes: Pastels

Remember when you were a kid and your mother picked out a pastel dress for you every spring? Pastels are coming back with their subdued hues of your favorite colors. Pastels are beautiful to match with khakis or simply wear a beautiful pastel color dress.

The Body Part To Show: Midsection

This season is all about that flat stomach so hit the gym now. Obviously only wear a shirt that leaves your midsection bare if you feel comfortable enough or if its the right occasion. If you pair it correctly, you can go for a night on the town looking fabulous and showing off some sexy skin.

Color Matching: Bright Color Blocking

Take your favorite brights and find a color blocked tee or dress for a fun twist.

What To Buy Now: Peplum skirts, shirts, or coats

peplumIf you’re not sure what peplum is, take a look at the photo of the three options at the left. Basically a flared waist, peplum is good for any body type for a glam look.

Your New Go To: Athletic Chic

You work out, right? You probably wear grubby workout clothes out when you’re not working out too. Invest in some chic and stylish athletic apparel that you can get away with outside the gym and still look hot.

Trends for Hair: Glistening do

This may be my new favorite trend for spring: hair that appears wet, dewy or slick. So easy to do.

Trends for Hair: The Ponytail is back!

Us girls who are too lazy to do our hair most days are thrilled. However you choose to do a pony (try Pinterest for great hairstyle ideas!), the look is in!

Trends for Hair: The Beachy Wave

waved-hairPerfect if you live by the beach. Even if you don’t, chances are your hair isn’t pin straight anyway. Take a day away from the hair dryer and straightener and let your hair go natural and beautiful.

Trends for Hair: Sophisticated braids and twists

If you’re not really into the lazy hair look or into the first three hair trends, take this challenge. Research different beautiful braids to try and go for it! Great for a night out with your girlfriends.

Nail Colors for Spring: Nudes and Neutrals, Ombre effects, Pinks and Reds.

Tell us, what trends are you most excited to try for Spring 2012? Which ones are you ignoring altogether?

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