Shine Your Light

loveYour task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


What I hear women saying:

If only I were prettier.

I wish I were smarter.

If only “they” liked me.

No one wants me.

I am fat.

I goofed up again.

I should _________.

I can’t get it right.

What I know is this:

It is okay to have these thoughts.

Accept that they are there sometimes.

But refuse to let them run your life.

It is time to talk back to them.

There is nothing wrong with you.

It is only the old story you are continuing to tell.

It is not the truth of who you are.

The truth is:

You are truly magnificent

You were magnificent from birth.

You forgot.

It is time to remember.

Sometimes your light scares you.

Others might be jealous.

They’ll get over it.

You have a sacred obligation to shine your light.

You owe it to yourself.

You owe it to the world.

Here’s some help:

Get a notebook and write down a few of the mean things you call yourself (3-5 is plenty)

Close your eyes and connect with your heart. Give yourself love and compassion as you connect with the light in you.

Make a list of positive words that describe you. (think joyful, loving, caring, compassionate, passionate, generous).

Say to yourself, “Even though sometimes I may feel (inject words from number one) I am (inject words from number 3) and I deserve peace, joy and happiness”. You may want to come up with your own words, anything that makes you feel good in your soul is right.

Put sticky notes with your positive words on your mirror, your fridge, your dashboard or wherever you can see them and repeat them over and over.

Remind yourself daily that you have a sacred obligation to the world to bring your special and unique light into it.

Join me Saturday, March 24th at Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills, MI for the Women’s Conference, where I am the keynote speaker. My speech is called “Live Your Magnificence”. It calls on you to connect with your beautiful essence and your life from that radiant place.

I truly believe that when we connect with and live from our most beautiful selves is the greatest gift we can offer the world.

Here are the details. You can copy and paste this in your browser:

I am a therapist and coach and am available to do private “Live Your Magnificence” sessions to anyone who feels the urge to live from your most radiant centers. I use tools like mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Guided Imagery, and Art Therapy in my work. You can reach me at or or on my facebook page Open to Joy.

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  1. As I began to read this, my first thought was ‘this person is speaking directly to me”; my second thought—it sounds like Brenda! I was not shocked to discover who wrote it—-my mirror image. Thank you so much, Brenda! This is personally meaningful, as always.

  2. Shen…you are an inspiration! You must be a very special person to take the time to comment and make other people feel good…sending love to you on this winter day!!! And you are so welcome…!

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