The Anti-Valentine’s Day

love-or-hate-valentines-dayDo you remember in the movie “Valentine’s Day” when Jessica Biel’s character holds her annual “Anti-Valentine’s Day Party”? It was an interesting take in a movie celebrating “Valentine’s Day” to have all the different point of views on the day. Some people with lover’s eyes adore this day, taking in all the chocolate and roses they can. Others may feel indifferent, happy about the day if they have a significant other and annoyed with it if they’re single that year. And still there are others that absolutely hate the day no matter what, claiming it is “over-rated” and a “Hallmark holiday” made to make us spend our hard earned dollars on frivolous sweets.

To me, Valentine’s Day is about love and not simply the romantic kind. It is a day to remind yourself to remind the people you love how much you care for them. I love the notion of giving and getting gifts and cards on a random day in February when the winter winds might be blowing down your spirits.

Yet, I understand the cynics. Imagine being recently dumped and then having to watch commercial after commercial, Facebook status, movie and TV show about people being in love. About Valentine’s Day presents. Hearing your friends talk about their adorable boyfriends or girlfriends. That would surely put me in a sour mood.

So this year, if you’re feeling down on Valentine’s Day or perhaps just a little cynical or snarky on this “day of love”, have an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” and celebrate you!!! Get together with your single girlfriends and go out for a night of dinner and dancing. Treat yourself to a new hairdo or manicure. Do whatever you feel like doing on February 14th.

Perhaps you’re single but don’t completely hate Valentine’s Day. Make or buy some cards or gifts for the other special people in your life: your parents, your friends, even your pet! After all, Valentine’s Day was named after several Christian saints who were also martyrs. It is said that one Saint Valentine secretly married soldiers to women when such a thing was forbidden. Eventually caught and put in prison, he sent love letters to the jailer’s daughter, signing one “From Your Valentine”, a phrase now known around the world. It is said that he was executed on February 14th, 270 AD. Later, around the 14th century, the day became more associated with love and just spread to the wide-known holiday it is today. What a long standing history!

Tell us: do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Love it or hate it?!

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